Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise – Fixing Guide

Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise
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There can be various reasons behind MSI stealth fan grinding noise including problems with the fan blade, heat issues, bearing problems also some other reasons. A possible number of solutions are available in order to solve this issue.

Today’s article is designed based on the numerous probable reasons for Msi stealth fan grinding noise along with some solutions. The solutions are provided based on extensive research. The problem can be sorted out by following the below steps. Each reason will be precisely analyzed along with a solution. So, without any further discussion let’s jump into the main topic.

Probable Reasons For Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise

Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise

As we have already mentioned there can be many reasons behind the discussed issue. Our primary target is to cover all the possible reasons. 

1. Bad Bearing Available On The Cooling Fan

This is the first and foremost reason for the presented issue. When you are using a bad bearing on the cooling fan, it will make a grinding noise. The bearing does not allow the fan to rotate faster.

When the fan can not rotate faster then heat can not be properly rid of the device. Yet, the bearing produces a grinding noise which is annoying. The pitch of the sound is very high. The longevity of this sound is usually longer than other types of sound.

The primary task of bearing is to reduce the amount of friction. When the bearing inside the cooling fan can not perform its duty properly then the grinding noise goes to a higher level.

2. Availability of Too Much Dust

One of the most common reasons for MSI stealth grinding noise is the availability of too much dust inside the device. Dust allows increasing the amount of friction along with improper balance.

Even it disallows the bearing inside the device not to work on a regular basis. There can be many types of sound, but the most common is the grinding noise. The pitch of this grinding noise is relatively lower.

When you clean the dust from your device, you might feel how smoothly your device is working without any hassle. The longevity of this sound resides until the device is cleaned properly.

3. Blades of The Fan Is Improperly Balanced

There can be a grinding noise also when the blades of your fan are improperly balanced. The main reason for using a cooling fan inside the laptop is to push down the warm air from the device and keep it cool as much as possible.

When the blades are improperly shaped, the balance of warm air will not be the same on each side. So, cooling might be a difficult thing to do. In such situations, the device gets heated. 

A sharp grinding noise is heard in such cases. Due to the hot air, this sound is heard. The pitch of this sound is also high. Along with the grinding noise, you will sometimes hear some buzzing noise.

4. Some Software Is Consuming Too Much Space

This is a mistake by a user when using too many functions at one time. When you are using software that is gigantic in size, it consumes too much space. The RAM and hard disk face a lot of problems while loading this software.

After finishing the task, you need to close the app as soon as possible. Sometimes users forget to close the app, then a tremendous amount of heat is produced. As a result, the fan of your device starts rotating faster. 

In such cases, you hear a grinding noise of a lower pitch. Until the heat is under control, you will hear this sound. So, check the task manager and see which app is utilizing the CPU most, Just close the app. Then you will hear no annoying grinding noise.

We are done with the probable causes of MSI stealth fan grinding noise. Now, it is our turn to provide some solutions that will help you to overcome such situations. 

Possible Ways To Get Rid Of From The Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise

How to fix The Msi Stealth Fan Grinding Noise

1. Use A Good Bearing For The Cooling Fan

Well, this is the first and foremost task I need to perform in order to get rid of such problems. Using a proper bearing will allow the number of frictions. When the number of frictions is lower, then the fan does not need to rotate faster.

As a result, there won’t be any friction with any unwanted substances. You will not hear such sounds again if the problem is in bearing. Sometimes, you might need to change the bearing of the fan also.

Finding a compatible fan bearing is tough. We recommend using Bones Bearing to use with the Msi stealth. The performance of this bearing will disallow any grinding noise in future.

2. Shape The Blades Of The Fan Properly

Now it is one of the easy tasks, there are multiple devices available that can be used to shape the blades of your laptop fan properly. All you need to do is to call a technician to solve the issue.

If you are professional enough, then you separate the fan from your device and shape the fan properly. Another thing to focus, whether the fan is working without any problem or not.

3. Clean Your Msi Stealth Regularly

As mentioned, dust can be the culprit for grinding noise. You need to clean your laptop on a regular basis. We recommend cleaning the laptop once a week. Don’t use soap water directly, better buy a laptop cleaner. 

With the reduced amount of dust, you will hear the sound is diminishing on a regular phase. So, cleaning your laptop is also another integral part in order to solve the Msi stealth grinding noise.

We have tried to provide the major causes of today’s discussed topic along with some solutions. Now, it is time to answer some of the most frequently asked questions. We have prepared the answers after analyzing the causes properly.


How Long Does Msi Stealth Last?

The Msi stealth can work approximately 90 minutes without getting charged.  The battery capacity is 99.9 Watts per hour. With such power, it is expected to last a little bit longer.

How Good Is Msi?

For laptop, Msi is one of the reliable brands for gaming. The target audience is gamers and streamers. So, if you are looking for a laptop that will perform better while gaming and streaming then Msi is very recommended.

How Many Years Does A Msi Laptop Last?

This is a tough question. If you can handle the laptop properly and give proper maintenance then usually it lasts almost 5 years without any problem. But based on your task the lifetime can be varied.


Today’s topic broadly covers the Msi stealth fan grinding noise. Most of the possible noise has been elaborately discussed along with solutions. We will try to reach you soon with another article. Hopefully, our solutions will help you to get rid of the problem.

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