Nintendo switch fan keeps making noise-how to fix

Nintendo switch fan keeps making noise
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A Nintendo Switch is a software design that plays games informed by videos online via an internet connection. A Nintendo switch uses a tablet to play the games online. A Nintendo switch is helpful as it switches on the television, can talk to your friends while chatting, supports voice calls, and can check the battery’s life span after charging.

In the Nintendo Switch, a fan produces a noise when running. The noise in the fan from the Nintendo switch results from several reasons like a faulty switch or loose screws in the switch. There are ways of solving the fan noise in a Nintendo switching to its normal operations.

Noises a Nintendo switch fan produces

nintendo switch fan noise

1. Buzzing

Mainly buzzing occurs when the Nintendo switch is very hot, and the fan is straining to cool the high temperatures to normal. When the fan is loose or faulty, it may produce a buzzing, some when compelling. In this case, the fan needs replacement, or else the Nintendo switch will get damaged.

2. Rattling

The rattling noise results from poor ventilation of the Nintendo switch fan where there is a lack of enough air for circulation in the Nintendo switch. Overheating causes the fan to rattle after working since the Nintendo switch fan is straining to cool down the Nintendo switch. To prevent the loud rattling noise, always clean the air filters in the Nintendo switch fan after using it and keep the Nintendo Switch in sleep mode after use before finally putting it off.

3. Grinding

When a Nintendo switch fan starts producing grinding noise, the Nintendo switch fan needs replacement immediately to avoid further damage that will increase the cost for repairs in the Nintendo switch fan. However, it is customary to hear grinding noise when closely moving to the Nintendo switch fan, and when it is loud enough, the fan needs some replacements.

4. Whirring

The Nintendo switch fan whirring noise comes from a fan overworking to ensure cool temperatures in the Nintendo switch. Sometimes it is normal for a Nintendo switch fan to make noise when blowing air. To reduce the whirring noise in a Nintendo switch fan, maintain the Nintendo switch by checking the inner parts, wiping the dust, removing debris that accumulates, and doing repairs whenever necessary for your Nintendo switch.

5. Humming

When the fan usually is operating, it produces humming noise due to air blowing in and out of the Nintendo switch while playing online video games. Humming noise in the Nintendo switches fan results from overheating the Nintendo switch when working.

Steps of fixing a Nintendo switch fan noise

Steps of fixing a Nintendo switch fan noise

The Nintendo switch fan noise results from a faulty fan. When fixing the fan, you do not need a technician as long as you follow the steps accurately and read the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual about the Nintendo switch fan but in case of an issue with failures of the fan after replacement, call a technician to help fix the problem. Follow the steps below to fix a Nintendo switch fan noise.

i. Collect all the requirements and tools you need for opening the Nintendo switch fan, unscrewing the screws, fixing a new fan. The requirements are the thermal paste, a new fan for replacement, and screwdrivers.

ii. Switch off the Nintendo switch fan to help carry out the replacement process as there might be electrical damages when the Nintendo switch fan is still on.

iii. Remove the rear panel from the Nintendo switch fan using a screwdriver by removing all the screws that connect the upper surface to the rest of the Nintendo switch fan so that you can access the inner parts of the Nintendo switch for replacement.

iv. Place the screws you remove from the Nintendo Switch into a tool kit to keep them from losing. Always use magnetic equipment that sticks the screws from separating and failing.

v. After removing the rear panel, you will see an SD card in one of the corners of the Nintendo switch. Pull out the SD card from the switch gently using your fingers to disconnect it from the Nintendo switch to avoid damaging some connectors.

vi. Disconnect the battery from the motherboard to enforce the safety of the user when replacing the Nintendo

vii. Using the screwdriver, remove the heat sink underneath the battery in the Nintendo switch.

viii. After removing the heat sink, you will see a thermal paste on the power supply surface. Using alcohol and other components for removing the thermal paste, rub the thermal paste that you will replace with assembling the Nintendo switch parts.

ix. Use the screwdriver to disconnect the fan cables connected to the Nintendo switch. Remove all the screws attaching the fan with a fan so that removing it becomes easy.

x. Remove the Nintendo switch fan, gently making noise from the switch using a finger to avoid tampering with the other parts in the Nintendo switch that do not need replacement.

xi. Place a new fan in the position of the old fan, screwing all the screws tightly back to their position.

xii. Connect the cable that helps in the communication between the fan and the Nintendo switch for cooling purposes.

xiii. Place back the heat sink to its position, considering applying thermal paste where necessary.

xiv. Connect back the battery to power up the Nintendo fan when playing video games.

xv. Put the SD card on the Nintendo switch.

xvi. Fix all the screws tightly.

xvii. Put the rear panel to cover all the internal components of the Nintendo switch.

xviii. Switch on the Nintendo switches to confirm if the Nintendo switch fan is making noise or not. If the Nintendo switch fan still produces noise, consider contacting a technician to help in fixing the problem as you might have some failures in fixing the screws and other parts.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What is the cost for replacing and fixing a Nintendo switch fan that is faulty?

Replacing a Nintendo switch fan is expensive if most of the parts in the Nintendo switch fan have extreme damages that the user cannot personally replace the fan but instead needs a technician to help. The cost to repair such technical problems is also expensive as it will take much time for the professional. The high price is because you will need to buy a new fan, thermal paste for the heat sink, new screws to fix the parts of the Nintendo witch and pay the technician if you fail to fix it by yourself.

  • After how long will it take for a Nintendo switch fan to start making noise after purchasing?
buying a nintendo switch fan

After purchasing a Nintendo Switch, the operations will average, and you will hear the fan noises generally from a distance but not loud. But after some period of working, the Nintendo switch fan will be loose; the motor will start misbehaving, making the fan start making louder noises as it is straining to cool the cool air by blowing air inside and outside. The fan will start making noise after five to ten years of working as most parts will have issues that need fixing.


The article above shows the types of noises a Nintendo fan tends to make during its regular operation and when the fan is faulty. To correct issues with loud noise at some point with the fan, read and understand the manufacturer’s instructions to know what a Nintendo switch fan is all about so that you can be able to correct the issues. Follow the steps above correctly to fix the Nintendo switch fan to reduce the noise in the house.

Finally, in case of any complications, consult a technician to help fix the faulty fan and always use new parts to replace the old faulty ones to the effective working of the Nintendo switch when playing video games online.

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