Nissan Altima Belt Tensioner Noise-How to Fix

Nissan Altima Belt Tensioner Noise
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Belt tensioner noise is always pathetic to face. From the Internet, it is reported that noise is one of the ten reasons that people sell their cars. Are you becoming one of them? Is your Nissan Altima continuously making belt tensioner noise? If yes, then today’s writing is for you.

Today we will discuss Nissan Altima Belt Tensioner noise. We have gathered all the possible issues that can cause this noise. Our readers already know, with stating the problems, we would like to suggest a possible solution to that problem. Nissan Altima is one of the most popular cars throughout the whole world.

So, we would like to invite you today for reading this article. Hope you will find the desired outcome. So, let’s begin today’s discussion.

Some Possible Causes Of Nissan Altima Belt Tensioner Noise

Nissan Altima Belt Tensioner Noise

1. Issue Regarding The Car’s Alternator Of Altima

This is the most common issue when your Nissan Altima creates belt tensioner noise. Usually, a loud sound is heard if the problem is truly inside the alternator. The alternator mainly charges the vital components of the car. The alternator has also an impact on running into the car’s engine.

Instead of loud noise, another symptom is a sharp abrupt noise. Due to a problematic alternator, this sharp noise is heard. You have to find which one actually you are hearing.

Solution: Diagnosing the alternator is the first priority in such cases. In such cases, we recommend changing the alternator. If the problem is not that serious or if you are hearing a very small sound then you can call a technician and repair the alternator.

While buying the alternator to reduce the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise, you have to make sure the alternator can work fluently with your car’s engine. For your simplicity, we are recommending the alternators.

2. Problem Is Arising From The Driving Belt

Another common scenario is, that the driving belt is the main cause that you are hearing the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise. Usually, a loud grinding noise indicates the problem is generated from the driving belt. You have to understand the noise properly along with the location of the noise.

The weather has an impact on such kinds of noises. This issue especially occurs when the weather is cold. Two sources can mainly be the culprits here.

1) The dynamic belt tensioner and

2) The engageable pulley of the alternator.

Solution: At first you have to identify, what actually causing this sound. After you are done with your identification, you have to take steps as per the problem. If the problem is the dynamic belt tensioner then you can simply call a technician and solve the problem instantly.

On the other hand, if the problem is generated from the engageable pulley of the alternator then you might have no other choice except to change the engageable belt. Usually repairing this belt does not give a fruitful result. 

You can choose your desired engageable belt from amazon.

3. Check The Bearing Of Your Nissan Altima 

The bearing is one of the most important issues. Though, you must have to check the bearing of your car for any sort of sound problems. A loud ticking sound is heard when the problem resides inside the bearing of your car. 

An alternator usually connects the belt and bearing, as a result when there is a problem occurring in the bearing then it can also affect the tensioner belt.

Solution: Changing the bearing is the main solution here. The bearing must have to be from a good company that produces compatible bearing for your Nissan Altima. If the bearing is not proper then you might not get rid of yourself from the loud noise of the Nissan Altima tensioner noise.

4. Serpentine Belt Can Also Be The Main Factor

You already learned about the alternator that produces charge to your engine. But it is the serpentine belt that provides electric charge to your alternator. Through a serpentine belt, power is also provided to the air conditioning system and the steering pump. 

When your bearing belt is connected to the serpentine belt too tightly then you can hear a smooth sharp sound. This sound is caused due the defect available inside your serpentine belt.

Solution: Well, before calling a technician, it is better you have a look first. Check, whether the bearing belt is too tight with the serpentine belt or not. If the answer is yes, then relax the belt a little. Check whether the problem is solved or not.

If the problem is still available here, then you have to call a technician to check your serpentine belt. If any defect is available inside the serpentine belt, then you have to change the belt. 

For making your life easy, we have gathered a good collection of serpentine belts that is properly compatible with your Nissan Altima. By using these belts, you can solve the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise. The price is also attached to each product.

5. Issue With The Engine Belt

You already have noticed, that the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise is mainly created by a bad relationship between the belts. Another possible reason for this problem is the presence of a defective engine belt. A sharp grinding sound is usually heard when the issue is with the engine belt.

Solution: There are high chances that your engine belt will be okay if it is repaired properly. If you are assured that the engine belt is the main problem then have a look inside your engine belt. Call an expert technician to repair the engine belt. Sometimes dust can be an issue in generating such kinds of problems.

If the sound does not vanish after the repairment then you have to change the engine belt. The engine belt must have to keep a good relationship with the car’s engine. You must buy an engine that will last a long. 

You can have a look at the preferred engine belt by us. All of these are very well suited to your Nissan Altima. So, take your engine belt in order to remove the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise problem.

Well, we have mentioned all the possible problems that create the Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise. There can not be any other reasons. Usually, this problem is created either from the engine belt or serpentine belt mostly. 


We have tried our level best to provide a proper guideline in detecting your Nissan Altima belt tensioner noise. We will come up again with another article that will help to resolve one of your other problems. Till then, goodbye!

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