Nissan Murano Won’t Start Clicking Noise- How to Fix

Nissan Murano Won’t Start Clicking Noise
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Nissan Murano has been ruling the car market for a long time. Perhaps you are also a user of Nissan Murano also. But don’t feel bad when your Nissan Murano is not starting. Rather than starting it gives a clicking noise. 

If you are annoyed enough with this issue then today is your day. From here, you will learn about the Nissan Murano won’t start clicking noise issues. The problem statement is not enough for you if you can not solve the problem individually.

Today, we will also suggest what should be your task when you are dealing with such issues. So, without any further delay, let us move to the main topic. 

Probable Causes Of Nissan Murano Won’t Start Click Noise

Nissan Murano Won’t Start Clicking Noise

1. Car Battery Is Not Strong Enough 

The first and foremost task of a car battery is to provide the necessary electricity to the car engine in order to start and run the car. It stabilizes the car by converting electrical energy into chemical enforcement.

It has been said that the battery is the powerhouse of the car engine. Delivering energy to the ignition system is also another vital task of the car battery. One of the major causes of Nissan Murano won’t start clicking noise is the battery is not strong enough.

When the battery of the car is not capable enough to provide enough charge to the ignition system, the car engine can not operate. As a result, a clicking noise is heard rather than starting the engine. 

2. The Ground Connection Is Not Adequate

The ground connection is another property of the battery. The negative side of the battery usually remains connected with the chassis of the Murano engine. The connection is defined as a ground connection.

The ground connection allows current or electricity to pass from one end to another end in a smoother way. It also passes current from the chassis to the engine. That is the reason, this connection is very important.

When the ground connection is not working fine, then electrical issues will arise. These electrical issues allow the engine not to start and hear a clicking noise. In some cases, the solenoid may remain absorbed whether the ground connection is totally damaged.

Mainly the problem is caused due to dust, when the dust affects the ground connection it might not operate properly.

3. The Starter Motor Is Not At All Top-Notch

This is the most common issue for Nissan Murano won’t click noise. The main task of the starter is to provide necessary backup when the engine can not fetch enough power from the ground connection.

In such cases, if the ground connection can not provide enough power then the starter motor can fetch power and provide it to the ignition system. If both fail at the same time then the car can start itself and provide a clicking noise.

4. Engine Failed To Operate

The engine is one of the most vital parts of a car. It converts gasoline products to energy in order to provide enough energy to move the car. Balancing the torque is also another important task of the engine.

Nissan Murano is one of the most famous engines throughout the whole world. The percentage of engine failure of Nissan Murano is less than 10%. This small percentage makes the Nissan Murano one of the best cars. 

If the engine is not working properly then you will find a click sound arriving from the solenoid of the car engine. Poor maintenance is the major issue for engine failure.

Apart from poor maintenance, using bad oil and hydro lock are also common issues for engine failure. When the engine is not working, you will find your car is not turning at all.

In the above, we have discussed most of the common issues of Nissan Murano won’t start clicking noise. Learning the problems will not be that profitable if you don’t know the solutions. Now is the time, we will suggest some solutions in order to keep your Nissan Murano fit and healthy.

Possible Ways To Solve The Nissan Murano Won’t Start Click Noise Problem

1. Maintaining The Engine Properly

The main task to solve the engine failure problem is to maintain the car engine properly. You have to use proper engine oil along with good oil in order to keep your engine healthy. Nissan Murano does not always behave politely with all engine oil.

Below, we have suggested some of the best engine oil for use. These engine oils allow the engine to operate properly.

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2. Using A Good Starter Motor

Usually, there are fewer ways to test the starter motor whether it is good or not. Manually you can test the car engine in order to verify whether the starter motor is okay or not. The most common way is described as follows.

Take a hammer and start striking the starter motor while putting someone in the driving seat to start the car engine. With this, you can sort out your car engine. If it does not work, we recommend you to call a technician and check the moot.

3. Make Sure The Ground Connection Is Good Or Not

First, you have to check whether the ground test is okay or not. Take a multimeter and conduct a test between the negative side of the battery and the ground connection. Try to pass as much current as possible. 

Make sure the unit of the current is Ohms in the Multimeter. If there is no current flow in the multimeter, then the ground connection is not okay.

In such cases, you have to call a technician to sort out the issues with the ground connection. It is better to perform the task with the help of another rather than working individually. This is the only way available.

4. Keep A Top Battery For Your Engine

The last solution for your Nissan Murano won’t start clicking noise is to change the battery. The battery can be replaced also. But the battery might not perform better if it is repaired. 

At first, you have to make sure, whether the engine can be sorted out or not. If not then, you have to replace the battery/ The battery must have to be compatible with the Nissan Murano engine. 

For your betterment, we have suggested some of the top batteries for the Nissan Murano engine. You can choose your desired product and run your car smoothly. 

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In this article, we have tried to find out the main problem of Nissan Murano won’t start clicking noise. With the problems, we also tried to provide some solutions that can help you in order to keep your Nissan Murano fit. 

So, hopefully, this document will help. We will meet soon with another article. Till then, have a good time.

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