Panasonic TV Is Making a Buzzing Noise- How to Fix

Panasonic TV is making noise
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Normally, a Panasonic television makes a buzzing noise when starting or switching off due to unavoidable reasons with some of its parts in the TV. However, when the buzzing turns out and is loud when using the Television, there must be some faults with its parts causing the loud noise. In some cases, the TV parts are good, but the loud noise still exists. In such a case, there must be issues with the TV’s connection that are causing the noise.

Therefore, the television user must check the possible issue with the TV to identify the problems causing the noise. When inspecting the causes of the noise in the TV, do not stick to a common part that you guess causes the noise but instead check every part that can lead to the noise, including the outside parts of the TV that includes the speaker connecting to the TV.

The article above shows the main causes of the buzzing noise in the Panasonic TV and the steps to troubleshoot the buzzing noise in the TV. Then, kindly follow the guide below to help get the buzzing noise in your Television for comfortable use of the device.

Causes of the buzzing noise in a Panasonic TV

Causes of the buzzing noise in a Panasonic TV

1. External devices are connected to the TV

External devices are connected to the TV

Connecting the Panasonic television with other external devices like the speakers can cause the buzzing noise as some connections are always loose. For example, when connecting the TV with an external speaker and the link is open between the two, the speaker will make a buzzing noise when trying to reconnect with the Television through the cables.

To solve such noises, avoid connecting external devices to the Panasonic TV, or in case you want to connect, ensure the connection between the two is tight.

2. Installing the Panasonic television on hard surfaces

When you install the Panasonic television on a hard surface like the glass surface, wall brackets, or wooden surfaces, the Television will make loud buzzing noise from the vibrations it makes with the hard surfaces that end up rubbing each other. Glass surfaces are complex and therefore do not hold the Panasonic television firmly to a point it sticks, and the looseness causes the Television to vibrate when starting and it starts moving. The movement of the Panasonic television on these hard surfaces causes the buzzing noise.

Therefore, when fixing the buzzing noise Panasonic television, always sets the Television on rubber surfaces that are somehow spongy to help reduce the buzzing noise since they firmly hold the Panasonic television that it cannot move when it vibrates.

3. Turning on the Panasonic television

When turning on the Panasonic television, there is always a buzzing noise if you are close to the Television. The buzzing noise is a result of electrical appliances that expand when the power supply is on. The machines develop when they receive power and stretch outwards, making them make a buzzing noise.

It is a typical sound in some cases that Television must make a buzzing noise when it starts. The buzzing noise from the Panasonic television notifies the owner that the tv is starting and working.

4. Availability of dirty particles in the air vents

Availability of dirty particles in the air vents

Dirty particles that accumulate in the air vents cause the Panasonic TV to make a buzzing noise as it blocks airflow from going through the vents. The fan will then strain to work when cooling and force the air to come through the dusty vents. When the fan moves the air into the Panasonic TV, the atmosphere will be buzzing noise as it passes through the ducts.

Wash off the dust particles that accumulate in the air vents to reduce the buzzing noise from the Panasonic TV. Failure to clean the air vents will increase the noise in the Panasonic TV, which can later lead to damaging all the other parts of the TV, and it fails to turn on completely.

5. Faulty power cables

Faulty power cables

Power cables in the Panasonic television help connect the Television to the power supply to provide energy for the tv to start. However, when the wires are faulty, they will provide less energy, or sometimes they fail to deliver fuel to the Television. The less power in the Panasonic television causes the Television to start and occasionally stop, causing the buzzing noise now and then.

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In case of faulty cables, it is advisable to replace them immediately as they can damage the whole system with excess power through the wires.

How to troubleshoot the buzzing noise in a Panasonic television

panasonic tv making buzzing noise

Before troubleshooting any issue with the Panasonic television, it is essential to check the whole system and cite the exact source of noise with the TV. After noting the problems, you can then go on with the fixing process. It is essential to read the manufacturer’s instructions on fixing the problems with the Panasonic TV before starting the fixing process. The steps below show how to troubleshoot the buzzing noise;

i.   Please switch off the Panasonic television by unplugging all the power cables from it.

ii. Remove the cover panel of the Panasonic television to check the faulty parts.

iii.  Locate the screws and wires that connect the fan and other parts in the Panasonic television.

iv.  Inspect their state and replace them if they are faulty.

v. Locate the air filters that might have dust and clean them by wiping off the dust using alcoholic detergents that cannot leave rust on the metal surfaces.

vi.  After cleaning the Television and replacing all the faulty parts, reassemble the components accordingly.

vii. Switch on the Panasonic television to confirm if the noise is over.

viii. Go to the settings menu and reduce the contrast level of images since high contrast causes buzzing noise when the Television is working.

ix.  If the buzzing noise persists, then call a technician to fix the Television from the start.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the effects of the buzzing noise in Panasonic TV?

Buzzing noise in a Panasonic television has different effects on individuals using the TV. For example, some individuals find it hard to concentrate on what they are watching when the TV starts producing such buzzing noise in the process. On the other hand, the noise affects students in a house trying to concentrate on their books while studying. In short, the loud buzzing noise is a discomfort to the whole house using the TV.


Even though a Panasonic TV making noise is a common activity, it tends to overdo by making a loud noise that affects the TV owner when using the TV as it is a source of discomfort. The article above shows the causes of the Panasonic TV making noise and the possible steps of fixing the problems.

Ensure you follow the steps gently for a proper fixing process of the buzzing noise of the TV. If you inspect the Television, and there are no faulty parts or effects, then the TV is in good condition.

Finally, remember always to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when solving the causes of noise in the TV. In addition to that, you must know that the Panasonic television is a delicate component when handling and repairing.

Therefore, the manufacturer always advises Panasonic television owners to buy the replacement tools specifically as stated in the manual.

Reading the manufacturer’s manual helps provide better knowledge to the user about the Panasonic TV and how it functions to identify any errors with it easily. In case of any difficulties correcting the noise, consider asking the technician to help fix the problem since you might have failures with your process.

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