Polk Audio Subwoofer Making Noise- 4 Ways to Fix

Polk Audio Subwoofer Making Noise
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Are you a fan of the Polk audio subwoofer? Do you get annoyed with the noise of your Polk audio subwoofer? Today we are here to solve your problem. Home theater systems are always popular among people.

Polk audio subwoofer is one of the most sold products in 2022. People love the Polk audio due to its longevity along with excellent sound quality. We have analyzed the major causes of creating noise in the Polk audio subwoofer. 

Today, we would like to inform you of the causes of the Polk audio subwoofer making noise along with its solutions. So, let us get started.

Probable Causes Of Polk Audio Subwoofer Making Noise 

1. Audio Signal Is Getting An Unexpected Interference

Audio signals can be of various types. Audio systems expect a certain level of amplitude. When it is not getting the proper amplitude level then it might create noise. The probable reason for not getting this amplitude is the availability of interference.

Interference has occurred when two signals overlap each other. If the overlapping is too much wide then the Polk audio subwoofer might make a bit of humming noise. This is one of the major causes of generating noise.

Now, this interference might come from another sound signal. Perhaps you are sending a signal but it is getting another similar noise along with the expected signal. This is the cause of creating such noises.

2. Signal To Noise Ratio Is Not Correct

Signal to noise ratio is measured in order to identify the amount of noise available in the signal. Usually, the signal-to-noise ratio is calculated using a decibel unit. Now, when we have a higher amount of noise available in the signal then you will hear a loud sound.

Throughput usually decreases when the SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) is too high. When the throughput is getting high then latency goes decreasing. As a result, apart from hearing the noise, the audio will be slow. So, you must have to make sure, the signal is well capable of producing good sound.

3. Availability Of Poor Ground Connection

The ground connection is important in order to pass the extra electrical current to the ground. Sometimes the audio signal passes more electrical current rather than the expected level.

The ground connection allows the passing of the extra current to the ground. As a result, there is a lesser chance of short circuits also. When the ground connection is not in control it might not pass the extra electrons.

When the electrons are not passing properly then they revolve around the magnetic field and overlaps with other signals. As a result, you are hearing rattling noise. Even if it is connected to other devices then it will not function properly. 

Ground connection problems can occur when the audio system is not placed in a proper place. If the placing place is not proper, it will surely create a ground connection problem. So, the ground connection is also another issue of Polk audio subwoofer making noise issue.

4. Settings Are Not Properly Set Up

Though Polk audio subwoofer is very easy to set up and you might mistake setting it up properly. There is a chance that you might not have observed the user manual precisely. As a result, you might not get a proper sound.

Ways To Solve Polk Audio Subwoofer Making Noise Issue

Polk Audio Subwoofer Making Noise

1. Maintain A Proper Signal Without Interference

This is the most common way to solve the mentioned issue. Here, you have to make sure that the sent signal will not be inferred from other signals. That is why you can perform several tasks whether any other signals are available or not.

2. All The Necessary Plugs Are Standard For Using Properly

Polk Audio subwoofer requires compatible plugs in order to get the proper sound. If the plugs are not well compatible enough you might find multiple unwanted sounds. Polk Audio MagniFi Max SR Home Theater Cables are the most compatible cables with the audio system.

3. Keeping A Proper Signal To Noise Ratio

As mentioned earlier, SNR or signal-to-noise ratio is vital for getting a proper sound from the audio system. One of the easiest ways to remove SNR is to reduce the number of noisy devices from the network.

Apart from that, make sure any unwanted signals are not available with the desired signal. 10 to 15 DB is a standard value for maintaining the audio signal properly. Anything more than 40 DB is excess and will give an improper sound.

There are several ways to measure SNR. You may test the SNR available in the network and work in that way.

4. Proper Settings Should Be Maintained

Take a look at the user manual of the Polk audio subwoofer and observe the necessary step closely. You need to set the audio device as per the requirements. Make sure you are not sending any unwanted signals with the desired signals.

We have tried to give some of the major causes of the Polk audio subwoofer making noise problems with solutions. These are the main reasons for such issues.


  1. Why Is My Polk Subwoofer Pooping Sound?

The main reason behind this problem is the interference available inside the desired signal. You have to make sure you are sending a signal without any interference. After that, we can assure you will hear any more popping sounds.

  1. How Do I Fix My Subwoofer Noise?

There can be multiple issues with your Subwoofer. At first, we recommend diagnosing the audio device properly and finding where the problem is. But in the simplest case, you can disconnect the antenna cable from the receiver end.

Then you have to check whether the Subwoofer is humming or not. You have to check whether the filter is okay or not. If the device has a simple problem this solution will work.

  1. Why Does My Subwoofer Keep Cutting Off?

Check whether the Subwoofer has a power-saving feature or not. If it is available then the amplitude of the device will not reach the peak easily. It will save a certain amount of electricity for storing and then allow it to pass. As a result, your Subwoofer is keeping a cut-off.

You can keep the feature off so that, you can find your desired result. This is one of the most frequently asked questions about this topic.


Polk Subwoofer is one of the most used home theaters, and that is the reason people try to find common solutions to problems. In this article, we have tried to identify the major issues regarding Polk audio subwoofer making noise and provide the necessary solutions. So, Good Bye! For today.

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