How to Troubleshoot ps4 Disc Drive Making Noise

ps4 disc drive making noise
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PS4 has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an eighth-generation console and now offers everything from immersive gaming across various genres to online engagement and multiplayer involvement.

This technology, however, is not without problems, with the sound produced by a working and switched-on PS4 often being too much for players to endure. But what can be done to fix this problem?

Some of you may have already come up with a solution to this, while others are stumped. In this article, we are going to look at the issue of ps4 disk drive making noise. What causes the noise and how to solve the problem.

Ps4 disc drive making noise

How to troubleshoot Ps4 disc drive making noise

While there are various reasons for your console to be noisy (including the disc drive if you have a PS4 Pro), the most common cause is the constantly spinning fan. Incorporated inside the console, fans are essential for transferring heat away from the PS4’s internal components and reducing the risk of overheating or hardware failure.

It’s also reasonable to assume that it will get noisier and less functional when the fan ages, signaling that you should switch to the most recent PlayStation model. An excessively loud fan could be the result of a mechanical malfunction or failure in rare cases. That is beyond your control; depending on when you bought the console and your warranty terms, you may be eligible for a refund or exchange if the problem cannot be fixed.

How Can This Error Be Fixed?

If your PS4 is making a lot of noise because of the fan, the simplest and most effective solution is to keep it as clean as possible. It entails wiping clean the PS4’s exterior at regular intervals and taking proactive steps to reduce the quantity of dust and airborne particles that enter the console daily. Compressed air is used to ensure that all of the console’s airways are clear if there are any hard-to-reach internal components, such as the cooling vents.

You could, on the other hand, buy a simple air duster from RS Components. These small tools can effectively remove dust, grime, and debris from various electrical devices, including consoles, computers, keyboards, and even circuit boards. Their average size and distinctive designs are ideal for cleaning in tight and difficult-to-reach areas, allowing for optimal cleaning that keeps your PS4 humming rather than sputtering while in use!

Causes of ps4 disk drive making noise

Causes of ps4 disk drive making noise

There are a few possibilities for why you’re hearing this noise from your hard disk. It’s most likely a hardware issue if you have an older hard drive. If you have a newer one, though, the problem could be either hardware or software. In any case, you’ll want to figure out what’s causing the issue before it leads to data loss. Most of the time, the clicking sound is caused by a malfunctioning actuator arm. The following are the most common causes of a clicking drive:

Damage to the body

One of the most common causes is this. Have you dropped your external hard drive recently? Or has it been subjected to any excessive heat or cold? The clicking may occur if your hard drive has been dropped, exposed to fire, or has had water spilled on it.

Wear and tear are inevitable

Hard drives do not endure indefinitely. If you’ve had a hard disk for a long time and it’s just started clicking, it may be failing. A hard drive can fail in the same way that a car engine does. It usually occurs when the actuator arm wears out and fails.

Electrical Issues

Because of a faulty power supply device, your hard disk may not receive adequate power. Whether you have a backup power supply, you can try it to determine if that’s the source of the clicking. Power surges and electrical storms can potentially cause these problems. It’s also possible that a problem with your hard drive’s circuit board is to blame.

Misalignment of the Read/Write Head

You’ll hear the clicking hard drive noise if the read/write heads are out of alignment due to dropping or not handling your hard disk carefully.

Problem with the Service Area

The service area is a section of your disk drive where manufacturer data is saved. If this is destroyed, your hard disk will stop working correctly. The actuator arm will swing back and forth, looking for information, which will result in the clicking you hear.

Platter with a Damaged Disc

The actuator arm will not work correctly if the disc platter has been damaged. It’ll try to find the platter and swing back and forth, making a clicking sound in the process.

Defective by the manufacturer

Many disk drives will fail to owe to manufacturing flaws, faulty parts, or firmware issues. That could be the problem if you have a reasonably new hard drive that hasn’t been damaged. The manufacturer’s warranty will usually cover this, but it will only cover the drive and not its data.

Reasons why a PS4 might not be able to read discs

When it comes to troubleshooting this type of problem, you won’t usually know what’s causing it unless you go through the troubleshooting process. When attempting to repair a PS4 that won’t read discs, there are several issues to consider. It could be a hardware or software issue in general.

There is a minor console bug

Due to possible issues, some PS4 consoles may be unable to read discs. When a console is left operating for an extended period, these issues generally appear. You can reboot the PS4 to see if there is a momentary glitch. If the console returns to regular operation after that, the problem is most likely small.

There is a problem with the game disc

If a disc is filthy or scratched, the PS4’s optical drive may be unable to scan and extract information from it. Check to see if the disc you’re trying to play has been cleaned and is free of scratches. While minor scratches are usually unnoticeable, breaks or large, deep scratches may indicate damaged discs. The optical drive will be unable to obtain the information it requires to play a game or complete its mission in this situation.

Error in the software

An unidentified software bug causes some troubles with the PS4 not reading discs. That can happen after a system upgrade or a game update, for example.

Inadequate hardware

When a PS4 is subjected to heat, moisture, or physical abuse, the disc drive can fail. Your console’s optical drive may be damaged if dropped or displays evidence of hardware damage. It’s a separate issue if your PS4 continues ejecting discs or won’t remove a disc that’s trapped inside, and it necessitates a distinct set of troubleshooting actions.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is there anything you can do if your PlayStation 4 refuses to read your game discs?

The solution to this question is very dependent on the source of the issue. If the problem is caused by software, you’ll most likely be able to resolve it on your own. However, it’ll need to be repaired if it’s due to a hardware issue, such as a failing optical drive.


To conclude, the strange design and placement of the ps4’s feet, two in the middle front and back, and one in the middle of the right-hand side, but none on the left-hand side causes vibration and loud noise, which causes balance stability issues. When the disc drive kicks into a specific high reading speed, it will cause a loud, noticeable vibrating noise.

Some people remedy it by balancing the PS4 on the left side with household things like several folded papers, cards, and other thin materials. It is essential always to make sure that the disk drive is saved by cleaning it often.

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