Why My Razer Blade Fan Makes Noise- Quick Fix

Razer blade fan makes noise
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Razer gaming hardware happens to be one of the best in the market out there. This is quite undoubtedly. One of the great products which have managed to make Razer more popular is the Razer gaming laptop. This is a high-end gaming gadget with excellent specifications capable of running current games with much comfort with the best possible settings.

Of course, this depends on the model that you happen to have.  However, despite the Razer blade gaming device being the best, its fan is criticized for producing loud noise.

This article will discuss the causes of razor blade fan noise and give solutions to the problem. Ensure you keenly go through them to have your Razer fan’s noise fixed.

How bad is Razer Blade fan noise?

In most electronics, you will find most of them have a problem with the fans. This mostly happens for devices that are made for gaming. These devices usually do have a toll installed in them. For example, the Razer Blade gaming laptop is one of the most powerful.

Its fan noise represents its power. The devices are required to work extra hard so that their running can be at total capacity to be played at their best settings. As the work is being done, there will be a lot of heat being generated.

The heat produced ends up becoming problematic if it’s retained within the system. This is because it ends up damaging some of the parts that are fitted in the device. That is for sure the role of the fan now.

If its operations are done at full speed, then it will remove the heat that is inside the laptop. For most devices, this is usually the case. However, the issue is usually slated when it comes to the series of the Razorblade.

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Due to this, Razer accepted that its fan noise is too unpleasant and came up with solutions on how the problem can be fixed. Though, this wasn’t the best in the world. What happens is that the methods help in reducing it since it isn’t completely fixed. In addition to that, there are several ways in which users can fix it very well.

How to Fix the Loud Razer Blade Fan Noise

razer blade fan noise

It is pretty normal to hear some noise in everyday situations since the fan should spin to enable cooling of the system. This is usually noticed when there is heavy gaming since there is an increased push of loads making the fans spin much faster to enhance the device’s cooling.

This leads to a noise that is so pronounced. This noise is termed as usual, and it should not cause any distraction such that one should not enjoy gaming.  However, if you happen to be experiencing an unusual noise, then the following steps can be of help;

1. Upgrade your laptop’s operating system to the most recent version

Navigate to the Razer’s start button and then click on the setting. You’ll notice an option for updating and security. Click on Windows Update. Finally, select the Check for Updates option. If this doesn’t work, you should go to Microsoft.

2. Do an update for your graphic drivers

an updated graphics drivers

Updating the graphics drivers is a good idea. The graphics driver is software that controls the operation of the laptop’s graphic components. By selecting the control panel, you can easily upgrade your graphics drivers. Following that, open the device manager and double-click the display adapters. Next, select Search automatically for upgraded driver software from the menu that appears. You can also consult the product’s handbook for additional information.

Regarding the model of the device, you can have either NVIDIA graphics or Intel installed. Of course, checking your manual for the product will also be necessary.

3. Clean your Razer Blade’s fan

Razer Blade’s fan cleaning process

Ensure that the air vents for the blades are kept clean and very clear from obstructions. Therefore, in general, laptops should be placed on solid surfaces that are flat to maximize airflow along with the vents. However, with time dust may also accumulate in the lines will hinder them from working in the right way.

To get away with this, you can decide to give a trial of first getting hold of the band, putting it upside down, then making use of compressed air to get rid of any dust clumps that may be blocking the vents.

Best Cleaner For Your Laptop

Laptops quickly pick up grime, dust, dirt, and smudges. To keep them clean, you’ll need several tools specific to electronics. These are the best tools to clean your laptop from keeping crumbs out of your keyboard to removing smudges off of the touchscreen.

4. No adjustment to the speed of the fan

Please note that it’s not all razer blades that typically give allowance to reducing the fan’s speed. The laptop model determines this since they may have different ways of controlling the speed of fans. It should also be noted that reducing the speed can result from high operating temperatures.

For extra details on the adjustment of fan speed for your Razer blade, you can check how to make adjustments to the speed of the razer blade fan manual guide.

5. Reduce your Razer Blade Fan system load

Reduce system burden by shutting down any background apps that are not in use at the time. Occasionally, background processes may be the source of the irritating sound emanating from your razer blade fan. Before proceeding, check that you have backed-up all unsaved try and avoid losing critical data.

6. Ensure you end any unnecessary processes running on your device

Close any unneeded processes that are causing the system to slow down. Following that, identify any questionable programs and terminate them from your device. To view suspicious processes, navigate to settings and then to update and security selection. Additionally, you can run a virus scan on the system. Windows security will operate and make recommendations.

7. Repair any worn or broken bearings

Repair any worn or broken bearings

The damaged bearings cause the computer to overheat, which increases the speed of your razor blade fans. Overspeeding will eventually destroy the entire structure of your Razer Blade fans. If the condition persists, then I would recommend you purchase a new one.

8. Consider replacing the old fans with new ones

Many people find this to be unreasonably costly. If your old Razer Blade fans malfunction due to wear and tear, replacement is the best option. Even though it is expensive, this approach will contribute to the solution of the problem. Make sure that you substitute with the correct model to avoid incurring further expenses in the future.

9. Visit your Razer’s service center

You can either physically visit their centers or use their website to do so. You will get the opportunity to meet with the professionals who will guide you through the entire procedure. They can even provide recommendations on the best course of action to take. For instance, if the fan’s warranty had not elapsed, they could have considered absorbing the entire expense of repairing it from the beginning.

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There are countless fixes for your razer blade fan noise. As to this article, following these guidelines will help. Fixing the problem is a choice between doing it yourself or finding help. The most respected and highly skilled specialist is always the best choice. If you want additional information or other tips, check out the user handbook.

Once you understand why the fan is making noise, you are better equipped to resolve the problem. In addition to protecting the overall gadget, always take steps to avoid destroying any part of it. For example, buying a new laptop is far more expensive than keeping the present one maintained. Therefore, it is essential to conduct regular system maintenance to help keep the fan running normally.

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