Roku Tv Making High Pitched Noise- How to fix guide

Roku Tv Making High Pitched Noise
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High pitched noise not only affects the users but also the health of the device. Roku tv is one of the most renowned brands. But one of the most common issues is high pitched noise provided by the device.

There can be many reasons behind this issue. We will discuss the most common issues behind Roku tv making high pitched noise. Later, we will talk about some of the most common questions made by the user of Roku tv. So, without any further delay, let us get started.

Key Reasons for Roku Tv Making High Pitched Noise

Roku Tv Making High Pitched Noise

1. The device Found a Certain Change in the Temperature

The most common reason for Roku tv making high-pitched noise is the sudden change in temperature. In such cases, the sound is usually heard when it is switched on. The pitch of this sound is usually high.

There can be numerous types of sounds that can be heard when the tv is making a sound due to a certain change in temperature. Cracking and popping sound is usually heard in such cases. The sound lasts for twenty to thirty minutes on a high-pitched scale.

This all happens due to the change in temperature. Signal has a significant role in order to increase the temperature inside the device.

2. Transformer and Adapter Has Some Problems

When you are hearing a high-pitched sound for more than thirty minutes then you have to understand there is a problem inside the adapter or in the transformer. A chirping sound is heard with a frequency range of 20 Hz to 40 Hz.

If there exists a power transformer then you have to check whether the transformer can convert direct current into alternating current in a proper way or not. On the other hand, the adapter disallows extra current to enter the device.

So, when extra current can enter your device then you have to check the adapter. The pitch of these sounds is really very high. If the adapter or the transformer is not compatible with the device then you will hear such noises.

3. Sound System of The Device is Distorted

First, you have to understand that the sound is turned on after switching on the tv. When the device can not amplify the signal in a proper manner then you will hear a distorted sound. The sound has a longevity of fifteen to twenty minutes. 

A cracking noise can be heard when this problem arises. If the situation is not major yet then you don’t need to worry a lot. a 30 decibel sound is heard in such cases. Another key reason for distorting the sound system is the frequency issue. 

When an incompatible frequency is found or the antenna of your device can not catch properly then you will face such problems.

4. The electrical Set up Is Improper

For getting proper feedback you need to get a proper setup. This is one of the most minor reasons. Perhaps, you are never concerned with the setup of your device. Then you might face such problems.

You need to check the electric setup of your device properly whether it consists of a fault or not. Usually, a buzzing sound is heard when such a problem arises. The pitch of this noise is very high.

The longevity of such noises is more than twenty to thirty minutes. A major concern is, when the ground current can not pass properly then it might harm the health of your device. Ground current needs a proper way to escape from the device.

Here, we have already discussed the probable reasons for Roku tv making high pitched noise. In order to find the problem you need to go through the reasons properly. After finding the problem you need to grab the solution.

In the section below, we will let you know the probable solutions to this problem. Go through the section in order to find the proper solution.

Some Tricks To Remove Roku TV Making High-Pitched Noise When Turned On

How to fix Roku TV Making High-Pitched Noise

1. Make a Proper Electrical Set Up

Make sure you are maintaining a proper format to set the tv. Providing a proper place for letting ground current escape is the main factor here. You need to use a standard switchboard so that everything can be maintained properly.

If you can not do this thing properly then you need to call a technician and set all the things up properly. You need to check all connections properly for ignoring future problems.

2. Change The Adapter or The Transformer

The second option is to either fix or replace the device’s adapter. If an adapter is required, then a compatible adapter is also required. No profit can be made if you purchase another adaptor.

There are numerous adapter options available for Roku tv. Roku Express Adapter has wide applicability along with great efficiency. For making it compatible with the Roku tv, you can use this adapter.

3. Change The Cooling System

As previously noted, when there is a fast change in temperature, you will hear a popping sound. So, if you think the noise level is excessive, you can use a cooler. Keep your television in a colder area to reduce noise further.

So, by following these instructions, you may stop the device from popping when turned on. Additionally, the cooler needs to be correctly adjusted inside your device. So, that is how you can remove high pitched sound from your device.

You have let me know the probable reasons for Roku tv making high pitch noise along with the solutions. Now we will answer most of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.


  1. Why Is My Roku Remote Screaming?

Check to see if the Find My Remote button is wrongly pressed or not. If your Roku remote keeps beeping then check for updates and try relocating your Roku remote to a different location. Modify the buzzer tone and reconnect your Roku remote. Restart the Roku television once again. 

You may need to get a new Roku remote if none of the mentioned solutions work. So, you can try to solve it using this technique.

  1. Why Is My Roku Tv Making High-pitched Noise?

Your TV may make a high-pitched noise for a variety of reasons. These noises can be made by a variety of internal components. These include, among other things, the deflection yoke, horizontal flyback transformer, and horizontal deflection circuits.

The HDMI port on the TV may also be broken, but you can always learn how to fix an HDMI port on a television. So, follow these instructions.


Roku tv making high-pitched noise is one of the major concerns for users. All you need to do is follow the reasons for this problem properly and solve the following steps. We will meet again with another article. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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