Samsung Tv Makes High Pitched Noise When Turned On

Samsung Tv Makes High Pitched Noise
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Samsung tv can make high pitched noise due to many reasons including heat issues, bad sensor issues even the electric cable issue of your home. Here, we are focused to discuss the most frequent reasons for Samsung tv making high pitched noise when turned on.

The most common reason for this problem is with the basic input-output system failure. Usually, after some time, this sound vanishes. But a sharp noise is heard while turning on the tv. Today, we will also discuss some of the easy solutions to get rid of this problem. 

So, without further delay let’s get started.

Key Reasons Samsung Tv Makes High-Pitched Noise When Turned on

Samsung Tv Makes High Pitched Noise

In this section, we will mention some of the key reasons for this problem. The problems are gathered after gaining practical experience.

1. Certain changes In Temperature

When you are hearing a popping and cracking noise, then you have to understand it is because of the sudden temperature felt by your device. When the Tv is turned off, the temperature remains lower. 

The temperature rises sharply when it is turned off. As television consists of many metals and plastics that’s why it is affected by sudden warmth. That is the reason you are hearing popping noise.

Usually, the pitch of this sound is very high. The sound does not last for more than ten to fifteen minutes. If all the symptoms match then you can be assured, the sound is initiated due to a sudden temperature change.

2. Electrical Feedback Is The Main Culprit

Now in such cases, you won’t hear any popping noise or clicking noise. If you are hearing a buzzing or humming noise, then the main reason behind this is the faulty signal provided by the electricity system.

For some reason, the electric system can be faulty. For example, when the extra current is not passing through the ground then it enters into the electric system of your device.

Samsung tv provides a resistor that does not allow extra electricity. But it makes a high-pitched noise when the amount of current is much higher. Due to this reason, you will hear a humming or buzzing noise.

The pitch of this sound is very high, the sound suddenly goes off after the television finds itself in a stable situation. So, you have to check all the attributes mentioned above. If all things match then you have to check the electricity system.

3. Problem With The Power Transformer And Adapter

A chirping noise is usually heard when there is something wrong with the power transformer and the adaptor on your device. Samsung television is widely popular for its performance.

Sometimes, fewer devices might have a power transformer that can not convert the direct current and alternating current. Due to this incompatibility, you will hear a chirping noise.

Another issue can be that there is some problem with the adapter of the device. When the adapter is not working properly then your tv will not cope with the extra current. Then you will hear a chirping noise. 

The longevity of this sound is more than the previously mentioned sounds. The pitch is usually very high. So, you also have to look at those attributes to match whether you have an issue with the transformer or with the adapter.

4. Problems With The Sound System Of The TV

This is a minor problem, usually, a sound is created while turning on the television. When the sound system of your device is not properly working then you need this small amount of sound to be amplified a lot.

As a result, you will hear a high-pitched noise. The longevity of this sound is lower than other sounds. The pitch is relatively lower than the previously mentioned sounds. You can even hear this sound for only a few seconds.

We have discussed the possible reasons behind Samsung tv making high-pitched noise when turned on. The probable solutions will be mentioned in the next below. We recommend reading the section below precisely to solve your problems.

how to Fix Samsung TV Makes High Pitched Noise When Turned On

how to Fix Samsung TV Makes High Pitched Noise

1. Check The Electric System of Your Place

This is the first thing to do when you are hearing a humming or buzzing noise when the tv is turned on. If you are expert enough to check the system then you can do it by yourself.

Unless you need to call a technician and check whether extra current is passed into the ground or not. So, by taking this step you can’t stop the buzzing or humming noise when the device is turned on.

2. Replace Your Adapter or Repair It

The second thing you can do is change the adapter of your device or repair it. If you need to buy the adapter then you must need to buy a compatible adapter. If you are buying another adapter then no profit will be gained.

Samsung USO Adapter is the most popular adapter that is compatible with the TV. We recommend using this if you are planning to replace the current adapter. You can also take a technician to repair the adapter of your device.

3. Use  A Cooler If Needed

As mentioned, you will hear a popping noise when there is a sudden change in temperature. So, you can use a cooler if you feel the sound is very high. Another way to stop this noise is to keep your device in a cooler place. 

So, using these steps you can solve the popping noise while turning on the device. The cooler must have to be adjusted properly with your device also.

We have let you know the most common reasons and solutions to the mentioned problem. Now we will discuss some of the most frequently asked questions related to this topic. 


  1. Why Does My TV Make A Weird Noise When I Turn It On?

There can be many issues including sudden temperature changes, problems with the adapter, etc. You need to learn about the problems properly. The solutions are also provided in this article.

  1. Why Is My TV Whining?

Faulty speakers, overmodulation, and ground loops are the main reasons for this issue. A whining noise is usually heard when there is an issue with the above-mentioned situations.

You need to check the modules individually and find out where the actual problem resides. That is how you will understand why your tv is whining. You need to call a technician after that to properly fix the problem.


High-pitched noise while turning on the tv is always annoying. In this article, we tried to provide the necessary reasons along with probable solutions to get rid of this problem. Hopefully, you will never face the Samsung tv making high-pitched noise when turned on. So, that’s all from our side. Feel free to contact us anytime regarding any issue.

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