Samsung Washer Making Noise During Spin- Easy Solutions

Samsung washer
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The Samsung washing machines are designed in a way that they are always quiet. The washing machines that are loaded from the top are quieter than the front-loading washing machines. The reason behind this is that when the front-loading machine rotates, a force will be created and pressed against the walls causing swaying. Therefore, the faster the drum rotation, the more the force will press against the wall and the more the noise.

If the Samsung washer vibration is louder than the usual vibration and unusual noises also accompany it. This article will discuss the noise in the Samsung washer, the causes, and how to troubleshoot them.

Types of noises a washer can make during a spin

Types Of Noises A Washer Can Make During A Spin

Clanking noise is caused by the steel balls in the VRT system when the tub is rotated by a hand.

Thumping noises– this kind of noise is mostly produced when large and waterproof items are washed. When the sound is produced, it confirms that the load in the washer is balanced and the washing machine is leveled. It also confirms the removal of the shipping bolts. When you push the washing machine’s door against the drum, there should be a free movement of the drum. That is the easiest way of confirming whether the bolts are removed.

Rattling noise– this kind of noise is a clatter that is irregular and unsteady. The rattling sounds are always normal at the beginning and the end of a spin. However, when the noise occurs during a spin, it means something is wrong. Therefore, it is advisable to check the level of the washer and the tub to find if there are loose objects. Again, check whether there is anything that might be clicking against the washer.

Squeaking and grinding noises– the overloading of the machine mostly causes these kinds of noises. So it is advisable to stop the machine and reduce the weight of the load in any case that the sounds occur.

Causes of noise in the Samsung washer during spin

Samsung Washer During Spin.

There are several reasons why your washing machine will make some strange noises during a spin. These reasons can be easy to fix, while others require to be taken care of by a professional technician. The following are some of the reasons why the washer is making noise.

It would be best if you had the construction level when placing the washing machine. Always look at the level at the top of the cover of the washing machine any time you adjust the legs of your ‘home assistant’. Small bends of the body can cause a strong influence leading to increased vibration noises during spin.

1. Operation mistakes

When the Samsung washer is used incorrectly, vibration noises can occur. Always be careful about how you operate the machine. For example, the clothes you put in the drum should not be too much since the drum is sizable. The dirty clothes should be placed in the drum sparsely so that there can be a balance. Otherwise, the drum will not be balanced and therefore a great vibration noise.

Again ensure that your laundry does not have items that can damage the machine. These items may cause vibration or noise when the washing machine starts to spin.

2. Violation of mounting rules

The washing machine is supposed to be placed on a stable solid surface such as the floor or a piece of furniture. It is not a must to mount your washer on a very smooth surface. However, the surface should be strong enough to hold the machine to ensure it does not bend or swing.

3. The drum bearings may be loose

How to fix samsung washer drum bearings

When the drum bearings are loose or bad, a rumbling or a banging noise is produced. The noises produced become louder and repetitive during a spin cycle. It shows that the drum bearings need to be replaced. It is important to consult a technician when such a thing happens rather than solving the problem by yourself.

4. Light tapping sound

A wire may cause a light tapping sound in the washing machine caught up in the machine’s drum. Again, the scraping noise can be caused by those caught up in the drum, for example, wires and coins. It is advisable to wash the machine to get rid of those items thoroughly. Again, always inspect around the door to check the things caught up at the door seal.

5. Damaged filter or pump

If the noises in the washer are only heard when emptying the water, there must be something that is stuck in the pump and needs to be fixed. Again the filter of the pump might be having some debris that may be clogged in there. It is advisable to always clean the pump filter regularly for better functioning of the washing machine.

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Troubleshooting the Samsung washer when it makes noises during the washing

How to fix a samsung washer that making noise
  • Inspect the pockets of the clothes before loading them into the machine and removing all the loose items. Ensure that you button all the buttons of the clothes and turn all the clothes inside out.  Again ensure that you zip all the laundry that uses zips. This step is important as it ensures that there is a reduction of clanging against the drum.
  • Take out the shipping bolts at the back of the washing machine if they are still intact. To know if all the shipping bolts are still intact or not, open the door of the washer, and move it forward and backward with your hand at the edge. If the door moves with difficulties, it shows that the bolts are still intact. If the door moves so easily, it shows that the bolts are removed.
  • Make sure that you adjust the legs of the washing machine so that the machine is leveled. A very slight bend of the washing machine will make it shake and cause unnecessary noise, disturbing even the neighbors. In addition to that, it can cause malfunctioning of the unit.
  • Ensure that you do not mount the machine on a soft floor where it can slide because it will cause more noise. Ensure that you place it on a hard-leveled floor or surface.
  • Some people put objects under the legs of the washing machine to ensure its stability. Noises and vibrations can also be caused by materials always placed at the back of the washing machine’s legs. To reduce the noises, ensure that you avoid putting objects under the legs.
  • Ensure that you don’t wash an unbalanced load of laundry. When you load the washer with excess clothes that are not sparsely located, the washer will experience an imbalance, and a loud noise is produced.
  • Adjust the gap between the machine and the other products. A smaller gap that is less than one inch will cause the washing machine to produce noise during a spin.

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Apart from the normal noise produced by the machine when spinning, your washing machine may produce other unnecessary noise that is unbearable. The noises can be caused by different things and can also be fixed either by a technician if it is too technical or fix it yourself. Thereby, it is very important to know the root cause of the problem or the noise for earlier fixtures.

For better experiences with washing machines, ensure that you buy a high-quality machine with less normal noise. The old washing machines need to be taken care of often, and also the machines are frequently cleaned to ensure there is no debris in the machine which can cause the production of noises.

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