Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise – Quick Fix Is Here

Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise
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Hearing noise is always painful, especially if it is a rattling noise. Standing fans making rattling noise is a common problem. Solving this issue requires some techniques. For each problem, there are multiple solutions available. 

Today, we will let you know about the common issues regarding standing fan rattling noise. It is a global problem faced by numerous users. The application of simple techniques might help you to eradicate this problem. 

Now, we would like to discuss the probable causes first. Later, solutions will be provided for removing that annoying noise. Finally, some frequently asked questions will be answered. So, let’s get started. 

Primary Reasons For Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise

Standing Fan Making Rattling Noise

1. Blades Are Not Clean 

The primary reason for a standing fan making rattling noise is the availability of dust and other unexpected things in the blade. When the blades of the fan start rotating, these substances do not allow the blades to rotate these blades frequently.

There is an increase in pressure when the blades can not rotate properly. That is the reason, the blades start to create rattling noise. Usually, this problem occurs when you don’t clean the blades of your fan for more than two months. 

2. Unbalance Blades

Another main source of rattling noise is the imbalance available in the blades of the standing fan. You can easily find whether there exists an imbalance in your blades or not. Just check the wobble of your fan, if the wobble is gone then you can be assured that there exists an imbalance in the fan.

Primarily, this issue is found in those fans that are cheaper in rate. Renowned companies do not produce these sorts of fans usually. But, we would like to suggest that you check the balance of the blades of the fan before buying it. This is very small and can be done using a blade balance toolkit. By doing this, you can avoid the standing fan making a rattling noise issue.

3. The Motor Cover Is Not Positioned Properly

The motor allows the fan not to get very hot. It removes extra heat in an efficient way in order to keep the temperature inside the motor cool enough. When the motor cover is not positioned properly then extra heat can not find its way out.

When the extra heat confined itself inside the fan, the motor started rattling noise. So, in this case, a compatible motor cover is needed to be used along with proper positioning. So, while you are hearing a rattling noise, you need to check the position of the motor cover.

4. Not Enough Use Of Lubrication

Friction is a terrible issue in the case of standing fans. When the number of frictions per minute increases then you will hear a rattling noise from your standing fan. Lubrication allows for the reduction of the number of frictions along with helping the bearing to work in a smooth way. 

The use of lubrication allows the blades of the fan to rotate faster. When there are not enough lubricating materials inside the blades, the god damned. As a result, blades face strong pressure while rotating.

5. Blades Are Not Tightly Attached

Blades are an integral part of the standing fan. When the blades of the fan are not tightly attached then you will hear a rattling noise. The pitch of the sound is particularly high at a certain point in time.

Usually, this problem occurs when the fan is growing older and parts of the fan become unstable. After 4 – 5  years of buying, the performance of the fan started deteriorating. Then you can hear a such unexpected noise. 

Probable Ways To Solve Standing Fan making Rattling Noise

Ways To Solve Standing Fan making Rattling Noise

1. Clean The Blades Of The Fan On A Regular Basis

To avoid rattling noise, you need to clean the blades of the fan on a regular basis. We recommend cleaning these blades after 2 weeks at maximum. For cleaning the blades, you need to use the dedicated cleaner. If you use random detergent for cleaning, you might face further problems with the fan. 

While cleaning, it is better to separate each of the blades than clean it. Make proper safety arrangements in order to keep yourself and the fan safe. 

2. Compatible Lubrication Is Required

As mentioned earlier, lubrication is necessary for reducing the number of frictions between blades and air. Apart from that, bearing performance increases significantly when you are using proper lubrication.

Our recommendation is to use lubrication after 5 days. You must put lubrication on each part carefully. Don’t put more of it then your standing fan will lose its efficiency. Another thing you should bear in mind is that compatible lubricant is a vital thing. Blaster 16 SL-K is one of the most superior lubricants that work properly with a standing fan. 

3. Check The Motor Cover 

This is another step that can be taken by you. When you are hearing rattling noise at first then you need to check the motor cover. If the motor cover is displaced then you need to place the cover in the right place as soon as possible.

This will not only remove rattling noise but also allow us to ignore deadly accidents in the future. So, make sure that the motor cover is fit for your fan and is placed in a proper place. 

4. Balance The Blades

If you find out that the blades of your fan are not balanced properly then simply remove the blades from the body of the fan. There is a balancing toolkit available for making your life easy. So, you can use the toolkit to balance the blades of the fan on a particular shape. 

Now we would like to talk about some of the frequently asked questions regarding standing fans making a rattling noise. These are the most searched queries available on the internet. 


  1. How Do I Stop My Fan From Rattling?

For your betterment, we have noted the most common reasons for standing fans making rattling noises. We recommend reading the article properly and then applying the solutions. We are confident that you will not find any more annoying rattling noise in your fan. 

  1. Why Is My Standing Fan Shaking Too Much?

Each fan has a fixed amount of capacity for holding weights. When the dirt inside your blades gets more the weight increases. The blades usually get out of balance when too much dirt is placed inside them. This is the main reason for the shaking of your fan.

  1. How Do You Lubricate A Standing Fan?

This involves a number of steps. First, remove the front grill, then put the fan on a flat surface. Later, remove the blades and apply the necessary lubricants. Then reassemble all the parts. That is how you can lubricate a standing fan. 


Hopefully, today’s article will help you to solve your standing fan-making rattling noise problem. Apart from everything, we would like to have more responses from your side. Contact us for any further problems. Till then Goodbye!

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