Sub-Zero Freezer Fan Noise- Why and How to Fix It?

Sub-zero freezer fan noise
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Sub-zero freezer fan noise is a common noise due to the fan’s movement as it compels cool air into the freezer and warm air outside.  When using the freezer, it must make the noises; however, the noises become so loud that it distracts the freezer users with their daily activities. The noises can result from faults with the fan components of freezer parts that work together with the fan for maintaining the food inside from damage.

Therefore in case of any funny noise in the freezer, you must find a way of correcting it. When a freezer fan is making funny noises, the food in the freezer can go bad due to poor circulation of air in the fan.

It is important to identify all the possible problems with the fan before deciding on repairing or replacing it. The noises in the freezer fan bring discomfort to the users in the house when doing their daily activities.

The article below shows the possible causes of a sub-zero freezer fan noise and the possible solutions to troubleshooting the fan noise. In most cases, the fan noise results from the fan blades and condenser coils. Follow the guide carefully to identify the problems and fix the freezer.

Causes of sub-zero freezer fan noise

1. Faulty evaporator fan blade

Faulty evaporator fan blade

When the sub-zero freezer makes noise, listen to the freezer fan blade keenly to check if it’s the cause. In most cases, faults with the fan blades cause noise at the lower section of the vents between the freezer and the food area.  Evaporator fan blades make loud noises when they have issues with some of their sections. A faulty fan can work if the user lacks an immediate option to fix the issue, but it can cause worse damages to the fan, making it produce excess noises.

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In case of a faulty evaporator fan blade, you need to replace it since evaporator fan blades are not effective with repairs on them. It is advisable to call a professional since they know how to handle the fan blades and replace them, preventing more damage to the fan.

2. Bad evaporator fan

Bad evaporator fan

Evaporator fan helps in the air exchange that provides a cool environment and proper ventilation in the freezer evaporator coils that help keep the food safe.  However, when the evaporator fan is faulty, it causes some noises like buzzing, humming, or rattling noise to make the freezer warmer instead of being cool to maintain food.

To reduce noises from a bad evaporator fan, consider replacing the evaporator fan for the effective working of the freezer or repairing the necessary parts of the evaporator fan to make the freezer cooler.

3. Dirty condenser coils

Dirty refrigerator condenser coil

The condenser coils attract dirty particles that the wind blows, and leaves accumulate in the freezer, blocking airflow in and out of the freezer. The blockage affects the fan as it strains to work by blowing air, making it cause loud noises in the freezer. The condenser coils with dust need regular checkups and cleanings to remove the particles that accumulate into them. Ensure you use a freezer coil brush to prevent the accumulation of dirty particles in the freezer for the proper working of the freezer.

4. Faulty fan motor

Faulty fan motor

A motor provides power to the fan to circulate as it regulates airflow in and out of the freezer.  A faulty fan motor is the main cause of noises with the fan in a freezer. Therefore the user must check the fan motor in case of any loud noise in the freezer since the fan motor gets older faster due to poor lubrication or having contact with electrical shocks when providing power to the fan.

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It is easy to identify the noises from a faulty fan motor since it always produces loud buzzing noise when the freezer runs and replaces the faulty motor immediately. Failure to replace the fan motor can cause greater damage to the whole freezer system. Therefore, fix a new motor in case of a faulty fan motor and call a professional in case of any difficulties with the fixing process.

Steps of troubleshooting a sub-zero freezer fan noise

sub zero freezer fan noise

A sub-zero freezer fan noise is a normal operation with the freezer when running since the fan makes noise when it is compelling air in and out of the freezer. However, the freezer can make loud noises when the fan is moving, which sends an alarm to the user that keeps them worrying about the problems resulting from faulty blades, condenser coils, motor, and other fan parts.

The user must not worry as they need to replace the parts with faults to correct the fan noise. Follow the steps below to troubleshoot the fan noise in a sub-zero freezer,

i. Collect all the requirements you need to open the freezer while locating the fan making noise, like the new parts for replacements and the screwdrivers.

ii. Switch on the sub-zero freezer to note the areas the noises are coming from, including the fan, which is the major area.

iii. Switch off the freezer for safety measures when opening the rear panel to locate the fan making noise in the sub-zero freezers easily.

iv. Clean the condenser coils that have dirty particles o them by removing the leaves using fingers and wiping dust using freezer brushes.

v. Locate the evaporator fan and fan motor, then check the possible issues with them, which you must replace in case of damages.

vi. Return the parts gently to their position after replacing the faulty parts.

vii. Place the freezer in a good position since the imbalance of the freezer causes noise when it vibrates.

viii. Switch the freezer to confirm if the whole fixing process is correct, and if there are noises in the freezer after the process, you must call a technician to identify some other issues with the fan.

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Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the different types of noises in the sub-zero freezer?

The sub-zero freezer makes different types of noises which include; the rattling noise that is a result of issues with the drain pan, which needs proper fixation in the fan, squealing noise, which is a result of a faulty evaporator fan in the freezer that is not working properly making the fan to strain to work making noise, humming or buzzing noise which humming noise is normal but when it turns to buzz which later becomes loud is a result of poor light in the freezer that the light tends to fail to work, knocking noise which results from a faulty condenser or fans motor.

Lastly, there is a clicking noise resulting from the presence of an ice maker in the freezer, which shows the water line valve is loose so that it does not connect to the source of water.


Sub-zero fan noise is a common noise since the fan’s movement as it compels air causes some production of noises in the freezer. However, the noises that turn out loud indicate problems with the fan that need replacement. The article above shows the causes of sub-zero freezer fan noise and the possible steps of fixing the fan noise in a freezer.

Therefore, follow the guide to eliminate the noises in a freezer correctly; always take good care when handling the fan components since some are delicate and poor handling can cause greater damage to them. 

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