Surface Book Fan Noise – Quick Fix

Surface Book Fan Noise
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Surface devices are globally renowned for their performance along with their long-lasting capability. Inner fans often face many problems. Each problem leads to noise from a lower pitch to a higher pitch. Surface book fan noise is pretty common in such cases.

Our target is to acknowledge you about the common reasons for Surface book fan noise. The solutions are not properly available on the internet. So, knowing about the solutions is very much important. We will also try to give some proper solutions also.

So, it is better to identify the problem you are facing and follow the solution provided by us. So, we would like to invite you to jump into the main contents.

Primary Reasons For Surface Book Fan Noise

Surface Book Fan Noise

1. Unexpected Background App Is Running With The CPU

When an unwanted app is running in the background then the Central processing unit (CPU) gets overheated. To remove extra heat from the device the fan needs to run faster. As a result, the fan starts making noise. 

Surface tends to be hot when the number of apps running in the background is surpassing. In such cases, the fan starts making noise. So, you will find a rumbling noise. The pitch of the sound is higher than other sounds. 

2. Hardware Battery Issue Is The Culprit

The main reason for most of the fan noise is overheating. Similarly, when the battery is not working properly then the surface of the device gets overly heated. As a result, the fan again needs to work faster to remove this extra heat. 

As a result, there is a grunting noise heard inside the device. The sound usually comes from the sound. Even the device gets hotter in such cases. The pitch of the sound is lower than other sounds. Sometimes instead of grunting noise, a buzzing noise is also heard when the battery is too hot. 

When the battery is about to pass its lifetime then it makes a grunting noise. Apart from that, in most cases, the device makes a buzzing noise. So, in multiple cases, you will hear a unique sound.

3. Problem Is In The BIOS

The basic input output system allows the computer to start without any problem. BIOS is software that allows you to run other apps on top of it. The operating system is a prime example of a BIOS. 

When the BIOS is not working properly, then there are chances that your device will not start with proper interfacing. To start the device then the fan starts working faster which leads to creating sound. That is why you are hearing a rumbling sound.

The pitch of this sound is lower. You usually find, the noise of the fan starts when the device monitor is totally black. So, finding the issue is easier here.

4. Extra Battery Power Is Needed

When you are running an app that is consuming a higher amount of battery then there are chances that more heat will be generated inside the device. In such cases, the fan tries its level best to remove heat from the device. The most usual way to run such apps is to make sure that the device is connected to the charger point while running such apps.

Buzzing noise is the most common type of noise in such cases. The sound will be available until you are running this app. After finishing running the app or connecting to the power source, this sound usually disappears slowly. The pitch of such a sound is also higher than most of the sounds created by the fan. The longevity is not big in such cases.

These are the main reasons for hearing Surface book fan noise. Knowing the problem will not allow you to resolve your problems easily. That is why we would like to invite you to read the next section. The next section includes some of the possible reasons to solve the Surface book fan noise problem.

Probable Ways To Solve Surface Book Fan Noise Problem

Ways To Solve Surface Book Fan Noise Problem

1. Make Sure No Unwanted App Is Running In Background

This is the first task you need to ensure to remove Surface book fan noise. With an extra app running in the background your battery power will tend to reduce slowly.  So identifying the unwanted apps and removing them from the CPU scheduling is the first priority in order to remove the sound and increase the lifetime of your Surface book.

2. Change The Battery If Needed

As mentioned earlier, when the battery backup is getting lower then extra heat will be generated into your device. So, when the battery is permanently damaged then this thing will happen frequently. As a  result, you might need to change the battery.

While changing batteries, you have to bear in mind that a compatible battery will help to reduce the heat. With the reduction of heat, the noise of the fan will also reduce.  There are numerous batteries available on the market.

From there, we will suggest using NInjaBatt Pro for getting better performance along with increasing the health of the device.

3. Make Sure Operating System Is Compatible

The major advantage of Surface book is that it is compatible with all operating systems. When BIOS is not loading properly, you have to make sure the version of the Operating system is compatible with the device. 

If the version is not compatible then you might need to use your fan more. As a result, you may need to hear more noise. To avoid such circumstances, it is suggested to make sure the version of the operating system is fully compatible with the device.

We have provided some of the major causes of the Surface fans making noise along with some solutions. Now, it is your pick which one to select and which to ignore. Now we would like to answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding this topic.


  1. Why Is My Surface Fan So Loud?

The probable reasons for the surface fan being so loud is discussed above. You need to follow the above steps in order to identify the proper reason/ After getting the proper reason, you need to apply the solutions mentioned here.

  1. Why is My Surface Pro Making A Buzz?

The major reason Surface Pro making a buzz is the battery issue. The battery must need to be repaired or replaced. After changing the battery there will be a lesser number of heat generated.

  1. Why Is My Surface Pro Vibrating?

Basically when a huge number of apps are running inside the device then the CPU releases more heat. The heat is needed to be removed by the Surface fan. If the surface fan is not completely successful to do that, then the device might get some vibration. You need to pause or stop the unnecessary app in the background. 


Surface book fan noise is a major concern for many of us. That’s why we have discussed probable reasons and solutions for that. Let’s meet with another article in recent time. Till then have a good time.

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