Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise – Totaly Fixed

Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise
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Surface fans often make annoying noises. Surface Pro 3 is no exception, where multiple types of sound are generated. If you are annoyed with the Surface Pro 3 fan noise, then today we are here for you. Your pain will be gone after reading this article.

Surface Pro is a renowned device that is famous for its mobility. This device allows you to set a proper fan that can remove unexpected heat easily. Though, there are certain times when the Surface Pro 3 fan fails to solve some circumstances. 

We are here to resolve such issues for your betterment and suggest necessary steps in order to reduce some pain in your life. So, we would not like to wait for you anymore. Our first section will discuss some of the major reasons, later the solutions are also provided here.

Primary Reasons For Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise

Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise

1. System Is Not Getting A Proper Update

Usually, all operating systems get an update sooner or later. In some cases, the update is important in order to run the necessary apps properly. When you are not updating your system then some apps are not running properly.

The CPU continuously produces heat when it can not run an app properly. The fan needs to run faster then. The faster speed of the fan is heard as a noise then. It is typically a buzzing noise. The pitch of the sound is high.

2. High Power Mode Is Enabled

This is another major reason for hearing rumble noise from the Surface Pro 3 fan. When you are running your device with high power mode then it consumes the maximum amount of power. Using heavy apps may worsen the situation.

In such cases, you must set up a power provider that will relentlessly provide power to your device. So, you have to make sure your device is charging. But when you are not doing this then the device starts consuming more power. It also consumes the backup power also, and as a result, the battery gets overheated.

In such cases, they also need to run faster to resolve the issue and you hear an annoying sound. So, check whether your device is in high power mode or not.

3. Irrelevant App Is Running Into Background

This is done due to the mistake of the user. After using an app, we forget to shut that app properly. In such cases, the app continuously consumes power from the background. It is usually easy to find which app is running in the background. 

Yet, some of us might not find the thing. You need to go to the task manager and check whether any irrelevant app is running in the background or not. You may discard the app from the background. As a result, it will not consume power. 

4. Turbo Boost Is On

Turbo boost is a technology that allows the fastening of the speed of each module of the CPU. Turbo boost enhances the device’s power a lot. But the main concern with the turbo boost is that it consumes more power.

So, you need a continuous power source for turning on the turbo boost. If you can not provide continuous power then it is better not to use the turbo boost. For consuming a high amount of power, the device has a higher amount of change to get overheating. So, the fan started working faster and making noise. As mentioned earlier it is also a buzzing noise.

5. Jamming Inside fan

When jamming exists inside your fan then the blade of the device won’t be able to move frequently. As a result, a grunting noise will be heard. The pitch of such noise is very high. Annoying sound placed along with the vibration of devices is also found here. So, you have to take a look at whether the blades are jammed or not.

Time to discuss some of the solutions regarding Surface Pro 3 Fan noise.  So, without wasting any time, let’s move into the solution section.

Probable Ways To Solve Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise

Ways To Solve Surface Pro 3 Fan Noise

1. Use Lubricant Inside The Blades Of The Fan

It is better sometimes to assemble the fan from the device and use some lubricant in order to solve the jamming issue. When proper lubricant will be used then the fan will rotate in a smoother way. Coollaboratory Thermal Pro is a lubricant that allows you to rotate your fan nicely. So, we recommend using this lubricant.

2. Discard irrelevant App From The Task Manager

Unnecessary apps consume power from the device. So, to prevent this, you need to go to the task manager. Find the irrelevant app that is not currently used by you. You need to discard the app from the task manager. The extra heat will not be generated and no noise will come from the fan. 

3. Proper Setup For Turbo Boost

This is an important factor in the Surface Pro 3 fan noise issue. Turbo boost is necessary for modern days. So while running turbo boost, you need to supply continuous power to the device. If you can do so then no noise will be heard from the device side. 

Another important thing to bear in mind is that you need to keep the power mode as low as possible. This will increase the longevity of your device along with it will keep the components safe also. 

Now we will answer some of the major concerns raised by you throughout the internet. We found the solutions after researching a lot.


  1. Does Surface Pro 3 Have Fan?

Well, yes Surface Pro 3 provides fans that are well capable of dealing with heat. Usually, the cooling system of Surface Pro is top-notch. It is regarded as one of the most famous cooling systems. The extra heat generated by the device instantly vanishes the fan provided by the Surface Pro 3 fan. 

  1. How Do I Cool Down My Surface Pro?

There is an easy solution to that. Go through the proper steps suggested by us. At first, you need to find out where the actual problem resides. After that, you can apply the necessary solution attached to this problem.  

Usually, the heat issue arises due to the battery. To cool down the battery you might go to the settings of your device and set the fan speed to maximum. In such cases, the devices will be cooled down instantly but some unexpected sound will be heard.

  1. How Do I Clean The Fan Of My Surface Pro?

You need to separate the fan from the device. Then apply the necessary lubricant in order to make the way smoother for the fan of your Surface Pro 3. It’s better not to use too much water. Laptop cleaners can be used in such cases.


Surface Pro 3 fan noise issues can be resolved by taking some steps. In this article, we have tried our best to let you know the probable causes and solutions to this issue. Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. 

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