How to Fix a Surface Pro Fan That Makes Noise

Surface pro fan that makes noise
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Surface Pro comes with features that uniquely identify from other devices. The laptop comes with a larger and sharp screen that gives enough surface area for the user to use correctly. Also, it has a unique design that makes it more useful instead of a laptop. The storage space is 256GB, and it comes in the form of an SSD. It also has a fan noise that eliminates excess heat from the device, keeping the device in good condition.

In case the surface pro fan starts generating noise, find the root cause of the issue. Use the article below to troubleshoot the fan noise and bring it to correct functioning. Also, the article states the common cause of the surface pro fan making noise.

Main causes of surface pro fan making noise

surface pro fan noise fix

There are several reasons why the surface pro fan may keep making noise. The information below briefly describes the common causes of the fan making noise.

Noisy Hard Drive

Surface pro Noisy Hard Drive

A hard drive making noise is the main reason why your surface pro fan mat makes noise. There may be a hard drive malfunction if you observe a loud whirring sound each moment your laptop uses the hard drive. However, if you are also experiencing data issues, your laptop’s hard drive will need to be fixed or replaced.

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Broken laptop bearing

As the fan accelerates, a defective bearing can make a high-pitched noise, or a motor’s inner lubricant may degrade, resulting in a crushing sound. If this is the case, your pc may be overheating, and the only way to solve the problem is to get a new fan or replace the existing one.


Overheating causes your fans to work harder and whirl faster to remove the heat created by the CPU, causing the noise. Dirt accumulation in the CPU and graphics card might also make it difficult for your laptop to cool down. It may also cause the fans to run longer and generate more noise as a result. You must wipe off the dust that has accumulated in the air vents.

Guide on how to fix a noisy surface pro fan

i. Clean your fan and remove all dust and dirt

Surface pro fan cleaning process

Loud surface pro computer fans indicate heat; if your fans are continuously on, your computer is constantly hot. The accumulation of dust and hair is inescapable, and it simply serves to impede airflow. Decreased ventilation equals poor heat dissipation; thus, you’ll need to clean the computer manually to improve matters. If your computer is still covered by a warranty, opening it will destroy it. Take precautions or seek advice from a buddy who has more expertise.

When cleaning the computer, including the fan, you require equipment such as a screwdriver, air compressor to remove all dust. Before beginning the process, wear an antistatic wristband and disconnect the computer from the power supply source to avoid destroying its internal parts.

Also, use the short air busts or vacuum cleaner to suck up all dust accumulated on the computer. Finally, ensure you read the manufacturer’s manual guide on how to clean all computer parts.

ii. Fix the computer software

The computer fan may fail to function due to malfunctioning computer software. First, try using another software instead of the existing one. If the problem persists, consider upgrading the computer software to the latest version and see if the problem is eliminated. Also, attempt using other apps that allow you to control your fan speed.

Reducing the fan speed may also reduce the noise emitted from the computer fan. Also, try cleaning the laptop using the manufacturer’s manual guide routine and remove all dust and dust that prevents it from functioning normally. Note that use the apps with a lot of care since they may leave your fan making a lot of noise and reduce its lifespan.

iii. Use a suitable computer cooler

A computer cooler is essential in regulating the heat emitted from the operating system. It also reduces the heat when the computer is used to prevent the internal parts from overheating or malfunctioning. Purchase the best cooler for your surface pro computer and connect it to the pc. Leave the cooling pad to perform its functions of providing comfort and eliminating excess heat that will lead to overheating.

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The computer cooler exists in three different forms: multipurpose coolers, active coolers, and passive coolers. Multipurpose coolers perform both active and passive coolers. The active coolers add ventilation to your pc, and the passive cooler relies on other compounds, such as an organic salt compound that functions on thermal conduction. Examples of coolers include; a clip-on vacuum fan cooler and Opolar LC05.

iv. Reset your surface pro computer

Reset your surface pro computer

Reboot the system management controller and the whole computer to see if the issue is eliminated. The system management controller is essential in all activities when your computer is in use and may fail to function or hang.

v. Replace the fan

If your surface pro computer fan makes noise, the problem may be the fan, especially the fan bearings. The best way or resolving a failing fan is by replacing it but if you have knowledge and time, consider fixing the jammed fan. Change the computer fan with a new one by following the steps carefully depending on your surface pro computer model, whether pro 4, pro 3, etc.

vi. Destroy all the processes taking place on your computer

When using the computer continuously, it may overheat and result in the fan producing a lot of noise. Also, heavy tasks taking place on your pc may result in the fan making noise. First, close all the applications that are functioning. The process of closing all applications within your computer is easy and starts with opening the task manager.

There is a shortcut one can use to open the task manager. Press three keys that are; (ctrl + shift + Esc). Check the “under processes tab settings” and click on them to close all applications in use and use a lot of processes that result in the surface pro fan making noise.

vii. Seek help from a professional

After trying all the above processes and your computer fan still generates a lot of noise, seek an expert to help you open the surface pro computer. If your computer has a warranty, contact the seller and seek help concerning the laptop. The seller may look for experts in your place to open the computer and check it carefully to identify any faults. Also, the professionals may first clean your computer and replace the faulty fan with a new one that suits the computer model well.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How can I fix my surface pro computer that is overheating?

The following tips will help you fix an overheating computer;

  • Update the computer software.
  • Rest the computer system.
  • Reduce the high power mode to the recommended.
  • Close all applications that are consuming more power.
  • Install additional cooler systems.


If your surface pro fan starts emitting noise, using the article above is essential and will help you bring your computer fan to correct functioning. For example, reset the computer, close all processes, clean the fan and replace a faulty fan. If the issue persists, seek help from a professional.

Finally, take precautions when using the computer to keep all internal parts in good condition and functioning correctly. First, follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule. Clean the computer often and remove any dirt and dust that has accumulated. Moreover, avoid using the wrong computer fan for your surface pro computer.

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