How to Fix Tivo Roamio Fan Noise

Tivo Roamio Fan Noise
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Tivo Roamio is one of the ancient brands known for its design and gorgeous outlook. Devices of Tivo do not usually get warmer after performing small tasks. They have the capability to perform a vast amount of tasks in minutes. Yet, you will find Tivo Roamio fan noise in some circumstances.

When you are putting more pressure on the Tivo Roamio device for processing things quickly, it becomes slightly hot. They provide a fan that is well capable of handling such pressures. Yet, sometimes you will hear unexpected noise inside from the fan

There are many reasons behind such sounds. Perhaps you are confused, about which problem your device is suffering. Today, we will let you know about the probable causes of Tivo Roamio fan noise along with solutions. Have a tight seat, then let’s jump into the main topic.

Primary Reasons For Tivo Roamio Fan Noise

Tivo Roamio Fan Noise

1. The Cooling Fan Is Too Tight or Too Loose

The most common problem of Tivo Roamio devices is that they put their fans either too tight or too loose. When you are hearing a humming noise, then you have to check this criterion first. When the fan is too tight, the pitch of the sound is very high.

The pitch of the sound is relatively lower when the fan is too loose. Due to loose connectivity, this fan can not cool the device properly. As a result, the device can not get rid of extra heat. So, it started vibrating. For that reason, you hear an annoying noise.

2. Excessive Vibration Against A Table And Shelf

When you are putting your device on a table or a shelf, you might hear a whiny noise. When your device is heated then you might look to cool it down. So, you may turn the fan off the device. When excessive heat is available inside the device then the fan starts rotating faster in order to reduce the extra heat as soon as possible.

When the fan starts rotating faster then it might vibrate a bit. When the device is vibrating against a table or shelf then you might hear a buzzing noise. That is the sound the device is producing against the table or shelf.

There are also some consequences of that, your device might fall from place. As a result, it is better to keep it safe. 

3. The Problem Resides In the Blades Of The Fan

Well, if you are not fortunate with your Tivo Roamio, then you might get a fan that has some problems. Sometimes, there are problems inside the blades of the fan. When the blades are imbalanced then you will hear a whiny noise.

When the blades are imbalanced they will suffer to rotate with the proper torque. Then there will be some sound produced due to the friction with the air. As a result, it is imminent that you will hear a sound due to this friction. The possibility is that the type of sound will be whiny and the pitch will also be high.

4. Not Enough Space For Heat To Escape

There are many versions of Tivo Roamio, so each of them has its own unique design. When the Tivo Roamio is too congested then there will not be enough space for the heat to escape. Then to remove this extra heat, the fan will start to rotate faster.

But usually rotating faster does not produce good results in such cases. Then you will hear a humming noise due to the fast rotation of the fan. This situation is dangerous as it can produce accidents also.

Enough with the reasons for Tivo Roamio fan noise. It is high time to understand how to solve the problems. We have done a lot of research in order to provide you with a better outcome. So, let’s get started with the solutions.

Probable Ways To Solve Tivo Roamio Fan Noise

How to Fix Tivo Roamio Fan Noise

1. Put Your Device At a Safer Place

This is the first recommendation to put your device in a safer place where your device will not produce any sound against the shelf or table. So, there will be no friction with the table. As a result, you will be able to get rid of the annoying noise.

2. Balance The Blades Of Your Device

As mentioned earlier, you will hear another annoying noise when the blades of your Tivo Roamio device are imbalanced. There are easy ways to balance the blades of your device. But if you are not an expert in this field, We recommend calling an expert and fixing the issue.

Sometimes you can also send the device to the customer care center of Tivo for repair. They will fix the problem. 

3. Let The Heat Escape

There are chances that your device is facing a problem due to excessive heat. The fan is not enough to let them escape. In such cases, you have to find a way so that excessive heat may escape in any way.

The common practice is to assemble the parts of the device and then place them loosely. Fix the cooling portion, so that there are places for excessive heat to escape. When the heat is allowed to escape in a smoother way then you will hear any sort of sound.

These are the probable solutions that will help you to get rid of your problem. The results are given after much analysis. Now, it is time to answer some of your most asked questions. So, we would like to invite you to read the most frequently asked question regarding this section.


  1. Why Is My Tivo Making So Much Noises?

We have mentioned all the probable reasons why your Tivo might be making noise. It is better to assess all the criteria and find out the exact reason. If your Tivo is making a humming noise, then it is due to the imbalance of the blades.

But if it is making a buzzing noise, then there are higher chances that excessive heat can not escape from the device.

  1. How Do I Upgrade My Tivo?

This is very easy. All you need to do is go to the settings of the Tivo and choose the upgrade option. After clicking on that section, your device will start upgrading automatically. If you are using an android app, then you might need to update from the desired store. That is how you can upgrade your Tivo.


Our aim was to provide detailed knowledge regarding the Tivo Roamio fan noise issue. Hopefully, you have found the probable reason for which your device was making a noise. So, we will meet again with another article. If you have any requests regarding any topic, do not hesitate to contact us. Good Bye!

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