Toshiba Satellite Laptop Fan Noise: Easy Fix

toshiba satellite laptop fan noise
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Laptop fan noise can be differentiable in terms of brands. Toshiba is a great laptop producer brand but noise issues still reside inside it also. Toshiba Satellite laptop is globally renowned for its excellent graphics animation. Our target is to provide detailed knowledge regarding Toshiba Satellite laptop fan noise.

The fan inside the Toshiba satellite is very effective in terms of removing heat precisely. Yet, there can be various issues that arise when the heat issue gets too excessive. Major issues are not properly known in the case of Toshiba laptops. 

Our aim is to provide proper knowledge about this issue. All the necessary reasons are discussed along with solutions. The solutions are gathered after researching a lot about this device. So, it is better to jump into the main topic rather than chitchatting.

Primary Reasons For Toshiba Satellite Laptop Fan Noise

toshiba satellite laptop fan noise

1. Dirt or Small Pebble Are Available Inside The Fan

This is the most common issue of Toshiba satellite laptop fan noise. When dust or dirt is attached to the fan, then it might face unexpected friction. As a result, with this amount of friction, the fan starts making a buzzing noise.

The pitch of the sound is high, but when the amount of dirt is too much then the pitch can be lower. In such cases, the sound will stay for a longer period of time. The intensity of sound might be lower. For such cases, you can identify whether the amount of pebble is more or less.

2. The CPU Is Being Worked Very Hard

When any unexpected app or software is consuming more power and utilizing the central processing unit too much, the number of heat increases. The CPU has to work faster due to these unexpected circumstances. 

To remove extra heat from the device, the fan inside the Toshiba satellite needs to work faster. When it is working faster the friction with the air is also increasing. Then a humming noise will be heard. The pitch of the noise is also high,

Unlike buzzing noise, there is no dual sound nature in this situation. So, there is no chance of getting the pitch lower. The rise is quite recognizable without any problem.

3. Issue With The Operating System

Toshiba Satellite is the most compatible with Windows 8. But with the advent of time, Windows is upgraded to 11. Some instructions in the latest version of Windows are a bit different from Windows 8.

Toshiba satellite laptops sometimes can not execute comments properly in other versions of windows. Linux and Mac are also sometimes a matter of concern. When the instructions are not executed properly they remain for a longer period of time in the CPU. 

Due to this reason, the instruction creates extra warmth inside the device. Due to the congested nature of this device this extra warmth can not escape. The fan inside this laptop tries its level best to remove this warmth. That’s why you are hearing an annoying sound.

4. Turbo Boost Is Turned On

Turbo boost is efficient in case of giving proper throughput. To increase the performance of the device usually Turbo boost is kept on. But the main factor is when the turbo boost is on, the maximum amount of power is consumed in the favor of the Turbo boost.

When extra power is consumed then excessive heat is produced. As a result, the blades of the fan start rotating faster.  Due to faster rotation, a sound is generated. This is a type of grinding noise that has a higher amount of pitch. The intensity of this noise lasts longer than other noise.

Now is the time to discuss the solutions that can remove Toshiba Satellite laptop fan noise. Solutions are gathered after vast research. So, let’s focus on the solutions.

How to fix Toshiba Satellite Laptop Fan Noise

How to fix Toshiba Satellite Laptop Fan Noise

1. Clean The Blades Of The Fan Regularly

Well, this is the first task you need to perform to stop this type of annoying noise. It’s better to separate the fan from the device and clean the blades on a regular basis. Don’t use any sort of lubricant. it’s better to use renowned lubricants. 

Coollaboratory Thermal Pro is a well-known lubricant that can clean the blades of the Toshiba satellite precisely. We recommend using such lubricants that will remove the buzzing noise from your device. 

2. Stop Unexpected Software From The Task Manager

When the grinding noise is heard then you need to check the task manager of this device. Turn off all the unexpected apps from the task manager. When the task manager is clear, no extra heat will be generated. As a result, the fan inside the laptop does not need to rotate faster.

Due to a lesser number of frictions the fan does not create any noise. That’s how you can get rid of the sound.

3. Use Compatible Operating System

As mentioned earlier, Toshiba satellites have a compatible operating system. So, you need to use that compatible operating system in order to get maximum performance. So, it’s better not to use any unnecessary operating system that will not be compatible with the Toshiba satellite laptop.

Hopefully, you have already learned about the common causes and solutions regarding Toshiba Satellite laptop fan noise. Now, we will answer some of the most commonly asked questions on the internet. The answers are prepared after analyzing the device properly.


Why Is The Always Running on My Toshiba Laptop?

The answer is that when you are continuously processing instructions then heat will be generated parallelly. So, there are chances that your fan is continuously running. For that reason, you regularly hear the movement of the fan. 

Why My Laptop Is Making Fan Type Noise?

Sometimes the laptop vibrates due to many issues. Perhaps other parts of the laptop may be faulty. But the sound might be higher than that produced by the fan. That’s why you need to diagnose the device properly. Then you will find the proper reason why your laptop is making fan-type noise.

Sometimes it is better to call a technician rather than do it by myself. Another way to solve the issue is by communicating with customer care. Toshiba is very much renowned for its customer care service.


Toshiba Satellite laptop fan noise is an important topic for the users of Toshiba as most of the solutions over the internet are not efficient enough. We tried our level best to inform you about the solutions and problems. That’s all from today, we will meet again with another article. Good Bye!

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