Why Toshiba TV Keeps Making a Buzzing Noise-How to Fix

Why why Toshiba TV making noise
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Toshiba TV makes a buzzing noise during its normal operations when turning on or off the TV due to the expansion and contraction of the power cables in the internal or external parts of the TV. However, the buzzing noise in the Toshiba TV can be louder to a point it is alarming the users, reducing the state of discomfort to the user as it disrupts an individual’s mind. In some cases, the TV parts can be good, but it still makes a buzzing noise resulting from the external connections of the TV.

Therefore, if your Toshiba TV makes a buzzing noise, consider checking all the parts that connect to it without sticking to the internal parts only since the outside cables also cause a buzzing noise. Sometimes the buzzing noises result from a TV that connects to the external speakers that the connection is loose, causing the noise.

The article below shows the causes of the buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV and the possible solutions that help to reduce the noise. You can also follow steps when fixing the buzzing noises in a Toshiba TV that you must carefully follow to achieve the goal.

Causes of the buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV

toshiba tv making buzzing noise

1. Starting the Toshiba television

The first place where a Toshiba television makes a buzzing noise is when the TV is turning on and when the TV is switching off. The buzzing noise results from electrical cables that expand and contract when they receive power making noise inside the television.  When the television receives power, it expands, and the other parts like the fan start compelling air, which is a source of noise in the TV.

Buzzing noise when starting the TV and switching it off is normal since it must make a buzzing noise to confirm it is working. Therefore you must not worry when the TV is making a buzzing noise when starting or when switching.

2. Dirty particles are accumulating in air vents

Dirty particles accumulate in the air vents blocking the vents such that they cannot allow cool air to flow inside and warm air outside, making the  TV produce a buzzing noise when the air is straining to pass into the system.  Sometimes the fan will make a buzzing noise as it works hard to pass air that ends up passing through the air vents. A straining fan will always make a buzzing noise in the Toshiba TV when circulating air in and out of the system.

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To reduce the buzzing noise in the Toshiba TV, it is good to clean the dirty particles by wiping dust that accumulates and picking the other debris using fingers. Always use a piece of cloth or cotton wool to wipe the dust from the air vents. Failure to clean the air vents increases the buzzing noise in the TV and can lead to more damage in the TV that cannot give you peace when using the television for entertainment.

3. Fixing the Toshiba television on hard surfaces

When you install the Toshiba TV on hard surfaces like the glass surface, wall brackets, or wooden surfaces, loud buzzing noise that affects the user’s daily operations can keep worrying about what to do.  The noise results from vibrations that occur when the Toshiba TV is starting due to the expansion of cables and other components in the TV.  The hard surfaces do not tightly hold the TV due to their complex nature that causes the television to make a loud buzzing noise when running.

Therefore, use soft and spongy surfaces to fix the Toshiba TV to reduce the buzzing noise. It helps the television stick to the surface and cannot move when it is vibrating.  The spongy surfaces include rubber surfaces that provide a stable place to set the television and hold it firmly.

4. Connecting the TV with external speakers

Connecting the TV with external speakers

Most people connect their televisions with external speakers to increase their TV volume, which can cause the production of the buzzing noise in the TV through the cables that are there for connection. The noise through the cables results from a loose connection between the TV and the speaker. In a case like connecting the television with the speaker when the link between them is open causes some buzzing noise that when you use the connection for long leads to loud buzzing noise.

Therefore, it is good to avoid connecting the external devices to the television, or when they need for connection arises, ensure the connection between the two devices is tight to reduce the noise.

5. Faulty power cables

Faulty power cables

Power cables in the Toshiba television help connect the television to the power supply to provide energy for the TV parts to start working. However, when the wires are faulty, they will provide less energy, or sometimes they fail to deliver fuel to the television. The less power in the Toshiba television causes the television to start and occasionally stop, which can be a continuous process, causing the buzzing noise now and then.

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With any case of faulty power cables and other cables, replacing the cables immediately as failure to replace them can cause greater damage to the whole system.

 Steps of troubleshooting the buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV

 Steps of troubleshooting the buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV

The steps of fixing buzzing noise on a Toshiba TV are a simple task since it takes a short time to complete. However, before starting anything about fixing it is good to inspect the Toshiba television to check if there are other sources of errors with the TV and cite the exact areas that need correction. After noting the areas with issues, you now go on with the troubleshooting process. Below are the steps of fixing buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV.

i. Ensure the Toshiba television is off by unplugging all the electric cables from the main power source.

ii. Gently unscrew all the screws holding the cover panel and remove them to access the inner parts.

iii. Remove the inner components for checking, including the fan, by removing the screws holding them.

iv. Gently inspect the problems with them and replace them where necessary. Some of the parts need repairs and are good to work with.

v. Locate the air filters that might have dust and clean them by wiping off the dust using alcoholic detergents that cannot leave rust on the metal surfaces.

vi. Reassemble the inner components of the television with each part in its position after checking everything and cleaning them.

vii. Switch on the Toshiba television to confirm if the fixing process is successful.

viii. Go to the settings menu and reduce the contrast level of images since high contrast causes buzzing noise when the television is working.

ix. If the buzzing noise persists, then call a technician to fix the television from the start.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where can one buy the replacement parts for the Toshiba TV?

To buy the parts for replacement in the Toshiba manufacturer, I recommend using Amazon shops or sites to order products online and get free delivery.


Buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV is a common thing when starting the television due to unavoidable reasons like an expansion of power cables in the TV after receiving power and the fan which when the Tv starts it immediately starts compelling cool air in and warm air out. The article above shows the causes of the buzzing noise in a Toshiba TV and the possible solutions which the causes are dirty particles in the air vents, faults with parts in the fan, and the normal noises in the TV. There are also steps you can follow when fixing the noise.

Moreover, remember the Toshiba TV is a device that needs good care when handling since poor care can cause damage to the screen. Therefore, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on handling the machine to avoid repairing parts that do not need repair and have alternative replacement tools to use for faulty parts.

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