Vizio TV Makes Loud Noise and Shuts Off- Causes and How to Fix

Vizio TV makes loud noise
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If you decide to choose the Vizio TV over other options, and then believe me you are at the right place. If you own a Vizio TV that keeps on making some unnecessary noise, then you need to have a look at our guide. High pitched noise can be irritating if it’s continuous and this can make your Television shut off frequently.

If you experience such complications, everything is in this article and takes you through the configuration process. We shall give you possible causatives and how to fix them. Here we go!

Causes of Vizio TV making loud noise and shutting off

vizio tv makes loud noise and shuts off

Power problems

Your Vizio TV might be experiencing shut-offs and producing loud noise because of problematic power coordination. Sometimes the TV might even fail to turn on; it’s really challenging. Most electronic devices can encounter power malfunctions due to a faulty component. Before the problem worsens, below are some of the steps that you can implement to have the problem fixed;

Make sure the screen is not on

In case your Vizio TV displays a black screen, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the TV is off. With such an issue, the problem could be arising from the source or panel.  To tackle the complication, you are supposed to press the MENU function on the TV’s remote; the function is also on the TV’s side.

In case your TV displays a menu on the screen after you press the menu button, it’s possible that the Television is on and doesn’t have a power complication. For this reason, the black screen could be due to a source issue like a problematic satellite or cable.

Power cycle your TV

Power cycling is another action that can help you fix various problems with your Vizio TV. So to perform this task, you should start by disconnecting your TV from the power source and unplugging it. try pressing and holding the power button on your TV for not less than 10 seconds. After the 10 seconds are over, release the button and then try to power it again.

Reseating the power cord

power cord

Sometimes your Vizio TV might be producing loud noise and then goes off if the power cord is problematic. In such cases, you need to understand that these cables are depleted and can encounter breakages. More so, if the TV’s power cable is loose, just know that this could be the issue.

However, fixing such a problem is quite simple because detaching the cable is straightforward from prominent TVs. For this reason, the cable might be accidentally disconnected when cleaning the house or by house pets. What you should do if you experience such is to disconnect the power cable from the TV and then connect it back. Try powering on the Television and monitor its behavior; if the issue persists, take it to the technician.

New power outlet

New power outlet

It’s possible that where the TV is connected, the power outlet port is defective and has some issues. Besides, the port might contain less current, making the TV produce a buzzing sound before going off. On such occasions, you should plug in the TV to a separate port and then observe its behavior. You are supposed to test a new power outlet even if some other devices operated in the initial outlet.

However, when plugging the back of the power cord, you should avoid using a surge protector; sometimes these devices might be the source of the problem. Therefore, you should be careful about that. Now, after trying out the TV, observe it carefully and if it operates well on the original outlet, chances could be that your new power outlet is problematic.

Fixing the Vizio TV that produces buzzing sound

The following steps are handy in helping you solve a TV that keeps on shutting off after producing a buzzing sound. This noise can be irritating and sometimes if not careful, you may opt for a new Television. However, I would suggest, if possible, trying out this guide.

Reduce the Vizio TV’s backlight settings

If you try to increase the backlight settings of your TV, it’s possible that your Television can start to produce a loud buzzing sound and then go off. In case you experience such a problem, the best solution is to minimize the backlight settings. It could also act as the best and simplest way of fixing loud noise and shutting off your Vizio TV.

Remember, this method could also be suitable even if the Tv produces humming or popping noise. So to reduce the backlight of your Vizio TV, below are simple steps;

  • Take your TV’s remote control and then press the menu button.
  • The next thing will be to choose the Picture setting mechanism.
  • After you are done with this, the next thing will be to choose the backlight setting option before turning it down.
  • Disconnect all connected gadgets from the Vizio TV. They might be the problem affecting your device, making it produce loud noise and then go off.
  • After detaching all the attached devices from the Television, the next step will require you to try it out. Pay much attention to see whether the issue has been solved or not. If the problem persists, the only advice I can give you is to seek expert’s support from the Vizio manufacturer.

Connect a new gadget to your Vizio TV

Sometimes you may wish to connect devices like DVD players, speakers, and soundbars to your Vizio TV. But, you realize that your Television makes a loud noise and then goes off continuously. If this issue becomes persistent, I could only encourage you to seek the help of experts from the device manufacturer.

I hope that your Vizio TV is now working after trying all the above steps. However, sometimes, you might try all these steps and still the device remains reluctant to comment. Well, on such occasions, you are allowed to return your Vizio TV for a repair or refund if it’s still within the warranty limit.

Remember, sometimes somebody might interfere with the Vizio TV’s satellite dish, affecting the signal strength. For such occasions, you are supposed to plan to hire a technician for rooftop services. the technician will fully explain the issues, suggest possible solutions to fix the challenge.

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  • Why does my Vizio TV make a high-pitched noise?

Squealing noises are often caused by loose windings or cores in power inductors or transformers and can be fixed by spraying the offending component with aerosol lacquer. If it happens while the set is OFF, it’s probably in the standby power supply.

  • Why does my Vizio TV keep shutting off?

Vizio TVs have an auto-off function intended as a power-saving feature. By default, the TV will turn itself off if it detects no signal for ten minutes (like when your Netflix show stops streaming). You can disable the Auto Power Off feature from the sleep timer menu.

  • How long do Vizio TVs last?

Some consumers affirm that Vizio Tv is long-lasting and can serve you for not less than seven years.


Let not your Vizio TV disturb you anymore with loud noise and shut-offs. Such behavior is irritating and sometimes it can ruin your watching mood and even cause more problems on TV. Therefore, what our guide has done is to equip you with reliable ways to fix the issue; the steps are straightforward.

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