Vornado Fan Making Noise- Quick Fix

Vornado fan making noise-quick fix
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A Vornado fan provides cool air during the summer seasons when the house seems to be hotter than usual, and the user is not comfortable hence using the fan to help cool the air. The Vornado fan making noise results from some faults with some of its parts that when it is running, it starts producing some funny sounds that cause discomfort to the house owner. The noise can be louder with time as you continue using the fan without fixing that it can even damage the whole system.

Therefore, you need to fix the noises in the Vornado fan since it makes different types of noises like rattling noise, humming noise, squealing noise, and grinding noise. The major cause of the noise is the fan blades which can be faulty, and the fan collects the dirty particles when compelling air makes noises as air strains pass through the particles.

The article below shows how to fix the noises from a Vornado fan making noise with the steps you must follow carefully to achieve the goal successfully. It is good to follow the instructions on how to handle the Vornado fan before taking any steps to fix it.

How to fix a Vornado fan making noise

vornado fan making noise

Even though the dirty particles that accumulate in the fan are the main causes of noise in a Vornado fan, there are some other minor causes that, if you ignore them, can cause loud noises in the fan. Some of the causes can be with the fan motor or the evaporator, which can have faults. The steps below guide you on what to do during the fixing process, including checking for the other parts after cleaning the air vents.

i. Switch off the Vornado fan

Before doing anything on the fan, ensure you switch off the fan and remove it from the power source by unplugging all the cables connecting it. After disconnecting it, you can remove the fan and place it in an open space that is clear for easy access to the faulty parts. Use a piece of cloth at the bottom surface of the fan to prevent it from attracting dust from the surface you are using.

ii. Pull off the clamps

Pull off the clamps

Since you are ready to check the parts in your Vornado fan, remove the clamps that tightly hold the protective cage all around by pulling them gently one at a time. Do not use much force when pulling the clamps, as you can remove the protective cage or even break some of the parts with the fan.

Also, remember to hold the cage when pulling the clamps since the clamps are holding the cage, and when they are not there, the cage can fall and break. After removing the clamps from the fan, you can then remove the cage slowly since nothing is holding it tightly to the fan and place it in a safe place gently.

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iii. Remove the fan blades

Remove the vornado fan blades

When you remove the cage, you can easily see the fan blades which can be the main cause of noise in the fan.  Gently remove the fan blades by twisting the knob of the blade with one hand while following the right direction for making the blade lose from its point of connection which some fans have labels of the direction.  

After loosening the knob, the fan blades will easily fall off. You must ensure you are holding the fan blades carefully so that when the knob is loose, you are holding them so that they cannot fall and break.

iv. Remove the blade piece

Since the blade piece holds the knob for the fan blade, you must remove it to continue accessing the inner parts of the fan. Therefore, after removing the fan blade, remove the blade piece holding it and place it safely with the protective cage and clamps.

v. Remove the other protective cage

Protective cages in Vornado fan are double that after removing the first cage, you must remove the second piece of the cage to access the rest of the parts. Therefore, remove the knob first that holds the rotor all around and remove the cage gently. Take note when removing the cage for the reassembling process that you must follow the same procedure. After removing these parts, you can now see the fan and its inner parts.

vi. Clean the fan’s dirty parts

Clean the vornado fan's dirty parts

In this step, we clean the parts in the fan that dust accumulates into, causing the noise. The first parts to clean are the fan blades. Gently clean the blades without letting water on the other parts like the motor using a cloth that you will dip in clean water, then wipe the blades to remove the dust.  Avoid using some detergents that contain gasoline or benzene during the cleaning process, as they can cause the formation of rust on the surfaces of the fan.

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After cleaning the whole system, give the parts time to dry to avoid using the parts with water as they can drip on the surfaces of the fan or even the motor.

vii. Reassemble the parts and switch on the fan

After cleaning the machine and drying the parts using a piece of cloth, reassemble the parts carefully with their respective positions and switch on to test if the fan is working as per your expectations.

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Frequently asked questions

  • What causes the Vornado fan to make noise?

There are many reasons why the Vornado fan makes noise. First, it is normal for a fan to make noise when running since it compels air in and out of the room to keep it cool. The other reasons are that the fan makes noise if it has problems with the fan motor, blades, and dirty air vents. When the fan motor is faulty, the motor will produce less power for the fan to run or fail to produce power, sometimes making the fan stop and start unnecessarily. The motor makes the fan strain on working, making noise.

Faulty blades cause the fan to make noise as they can change the direction they are to follow when rotating. Lastly, when the fan air vents are dirty, they block the air that is passing through them such that when the fan is running, the air has to force itself in and out of the fan, causing noises in the fan.

  • What are the noises that the Vornado fan makes?

A Vornado fan makes rattling noises when the fan’s air vents are dusty such that when the air is forcing itself, it rattles. The fan also makes a buzzing sound during its normal operation when blowing air, squealing noise, grinding noise, etc.


Vornado fan making noise results from faulty parts in the fan or because the fan is dirty such that it is straining to blow cool air in and warm air out. When the fan is straining, it will always make noises that can be loud to distract house owners. Even though the noises come from a normal operation of the fan, you must take care of the noises if they exist. The article above provides the steps for fixing a Vornado fan making noise.

Therefore, kindly follow the steps to open the fan and check the faulty parts. Regularly clean the fan blades, cages, and other parts so that dust can accumulate into them to cause the fan to make noise. 

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