Why Water Pipes Making Noise Humming- Causes and Solutions

Water pipes making noise humming
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Humming noise in water pipes refers to the noise that water makes when flowing in the pipes. Water pipes usually make a humming noise while water is moving through them. However, sometimes, the water pipes can make a noise of humming even when there is no water moving. Humming noise can be a problem with the water pipes’ hardware components like the valves, which will need replacement.

Therefore, many causes of water pipes humming when water is running and even when water is not running. While experiencing these causes, there are always solutions to solve such problems but always remember to consult a technician to help you fix the issues with your water pipes to avoid significant damage to the water pipes hardware.

 Causes of humming noise in water pipes

noise in water pipes

Cause; Increase in water pressure

Water pipes make a humming noise when water pressure is too high in that the water pipes start vibrating, leading to a humming sound. The cause of high water pressure might be the water pressure regulator that is not regulating the pressure. In addition to that, the water pressure becomes high depending on the home and water source.

Solution; Reset the water pressure regulator

water pressure regulator

When the water pressure is too high in the water pipes, consider regulating the pressure using the water pressure regulator by resetting the pressure to normal. The water pressure regulator is a device you mount at the exact position of water passing to the house.

If there is no water pressure at home, you should install it to help reduce the humming sound at the water pipes. The steps below show how to reset the water pressure regulator;

  • Switch off the water pipes to reset the new pressure level.
  • Switch on the water pressure regulator.
  • Adjust the pressure level to your preference.
  • Turn on the water pipes to release water.
  • Check the water pressure in the water pipes.
  • If the pressure is normal, the water is good to go and if the pressure is still high, continue adjusting until you attain the normal force.

Cause; Availability of dirty particles in the water pipes

Dirty particles like leaves and debris do accumulate in water pipes blocking the way for water. Therefore when water passes through the lines, they gargle as they force themselves through the particles producing a humming sound in the water pipes.

Solution; clean the water pipes

When the water pipes accumulate dirt, consider cleaning the water pipes to avoid damaging their components. The steps bellows explain how to clean the water pipes;

  • Collect all materials for cleaning like salt, alcohol, water, chopsticks, and cotton wool.
  • Add salt into the water pipe
  • Add rubbing alcohol into the water pipes.
  • Rinse the water pipes with water twice.
  • Run the water in the pipes to confirm the lines are clean.

Causes; Old and baggy water pipes components

Some components like screws and nuts in the water pipes may be too old, making them buggy. The old hardware allows water to pass through them, producing a humming sound in the water pipes.

Solution; replace the old water pipes hardware

In the replacement process, consider consulting a professional to help replace this hardware. Follow the steps below to replace;

  • Switch off the water pipes.
  • Switch off the valves to stop the flow of water.
  • Remove the screws and nuts from the water pipes.
  • Fix new screws and tighten them to avoid other noises.
  • Switch on the water pipes taking note of the humming noise.

Cause; Sudden closing of valves

Water pipes make a humming noise when you suddenly close the valves since water moving with high pressure is suddenly put to an end. Therefore, the moving water produces a humming sound when they meet the end at the valves.

Solution; avoid closing the valves suddenly

Cause; Presence of a leak within the water pipes

Water pipes make a humming noise when water is passing through, and some do exist where there are leaks in the water pipes. When water moves out through the leaks, there is a humming noise in the water pipes.

Solution; seal the leaks

When sealing the leaks, collect all the requirements needed, like the sealing tape that wraps the leaking area.

  • Switch off the flow of water.
  • Disconnect the water pipes
  • Turn on the water pipes to confirm if there are no leaks in the water pipes.

Cause; Damages in the washer

A washer that has been damaged makes noise humming in the water pipes, mainly in the bathroom areas.

Solution; fix the washer

Consult a technician when fixing the washer in the bathroom to avoid the other water pipes in the bathroom. The steps below aid in fixing the washer.

  • Turn off the water pipes.
  • Switch off the washer.
  • Remove the washer with damages.
  • Fix a new washer.
  • Turn on the water pipes to confirm if the new washer is working.

Cause; Faulty flapper

In the toilet section, water pipes tend to make a humming noise when flushing the toilet. When flashing a bathroom, you use flappers, and therefore if the flappers are faulty, the water in the tank moves out when not in use, making a humming sound.

Solution; replace the faulty flapper

faulty flapper

Since the toilet section has many complicated things when fixed, like bath tabs, read the manufacturers’ instructions when replacing or consult a technician in the replacement process. Here are steps to follow when replacing the flapper;

  • Switch off the water flow.
  • Unfix, the chain in the flapper.
  • Disconnect the valve that fills the flapper
  • Remove the faulty flapper
  • Fix a new valve.
  • Replace the flapper.
  • Switch on the water flow.
  • Flush the toilet to confirm if the flapper is working.

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Frequently asked questions:

What are the tools that one can use to solve the problem with water pipes?

When fixing water pipes that are making a humming noise in a home, some tools are needed. The kind of tools one needs is a pair of pliers for tightening screws and nuts, a hacksaw for cutting water pipes that are longer, and sealing tape for sealing leaking pipes.

Torch to light darker areas in the water pipes, a tool kit to keep tools like screws when replacing parts with the system, and chopsticks to clean water pipes by removing leaves and debris.

What are some types of noise that water pipes make when water is running?

There are many different types of noises that the water pipes do make when water is flowing. These types of noises include banging resulting from the pressure of water, gurgling that results from debris present in the water pipes, rattling that results from loose screws and bolts in water pipes, and whistling that results from faulty valves in the water pipes.


Water pipes make a humming noise, mostly when water is flowing through the pipes. The article shows the causes of the humming noise in your water pipes and solutions to solve the problems. In the resolution, there are steps to follow when fixing the issues with your water pipes.

Moreover, when fixing the water pipes, pipes always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damaging the water pipes. Consider consulting a technician when solving some issues that are much technical.

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