Whirlpool Duet Dryer Making Noise-Causes and Solutions

Whirlpool noise dryer
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The Whirlpool duet dryer makes humming and tumbling noise when running, which is harmless to the user and cannot damage the other parts in the dryer. However, even though the noises are due to normal operations, they can go further and be loud banging, squeaking, and screeching noises abnormal in the dryer. The loud noises can result from some mistakes with the dryer parts like the drum belt, pulleys, blower wheel, drummer, and other parts.

Therefore, if the whirlpool dryer makes such loud noises, consider checking the parts carefully and replacing them when worn out. In addition, it is advisable to call professionals to repair the faulty parts to eliminate the noises with the whirlpool dryer.

The article below gives the causes of noise from a whirlpool dryer with the possible solutions and steps to follow when solving the problem. Follow the guide’s steps carefully to correct your whirlpool dryer.

 Causes of and solution to noises from a whirlpool duet dryer

whirlpool duet dryer making noise

1. An open valve

An open dishwasher valve

An open valve causes the production of clicking noise since the valve is open and allows gas to pass through to the whirlpool dryer burner and heat the air inside. The opening of the valve is a common operation as the valve is always open during the drying process of the dryer. Therefore with this cause, you must not worry about fixing it as it is normal.

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2. Metallic particles in the dryer

The availability of metallic objects in the whirlpool duet dryer makes a scraping noise when the dryer is running, and small particles in the air that accumulates in the dryer get in contact with the dryer drum.  The dirty particles can be due to the tools like screws in the pockets or coins in the pocket, which can drop in the dryer and meet the drum causing the noise.

To fix the noise, follow the steps below:

  • Put off the dryer immediately and you hear the scraping noise.
  • Check if loose screws are dropping to contact them or any other metallic objects in the clothes for washing.
  • Remove the objects if they are in the dryer.

Solving such an issue is easy as you can keep checking the pockets of the clothes before washing or drying to avoid the objects from dropping into the dryer making noises in the washing process.

3. Ancient drum roller

Ancient drum roller

When the drum roller is old enough, it can cause some loud rumbling noise in the dryer when washing since the drum rollers add support to the drum to rotate. Most dryers have two rollers to provide maximum support to their drum. To check if the drum is old, inspect the roller’s state in the dryer. If the rollers show signs of being old, consider replacing the two rollers to reduce the noises in the drum.

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To check the drum rollers, open the dryer by removing the cover panel of the machine together with the drum. An old drum roller has visible signs that even if it’s only one roller among the two old, it is good to replace all of them to provide support to the drum for rotating.

4. Old idler assembly

Old idler assembly

An old idler assembly makes squealing noise in the whirlpool duet dryer since it fails to work due to its nature. To reduce the noises from the assembly, replace the assemblies with a new one, but do not repair them as repairing the old parts can cause more damage to the dryer.

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5. Loose drive belt

Loose drive belt

A loose drive belt results from damages with the belt that later makes it lose. A drive belt mostly helps rotate the dryer’s drums as it moves in the whirlpool duet dryer. In a dryer, the belt is in between the pulleys that it rotates the drum while the pulleys get power from the engine.  Since the belts are of a rubber material such that when they work continuously, they tend to wear easily and tear, making them loose.

The loose drive belt makes bumping and thumping noises when the dryer is working that it needs replacements to reduce the noises. Avoid repairing the belts as they can fail to work as per your expectations.

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6. Overloading the whirlpool dryer

A whirlpool duet dryer is of a particular size to hold a specific amount of clothes for washing. However, most individuals add more clothes to the top of the dryer to make work easier for them forgetting that the load causes loud noise in the dryer. The noise results from the poor balance of clothes washing them that they make noise when the dryer is turning them. Continuous overloading of the dryer causes the dryer to work extra hard to ensure the load is clean, which increases damages to the drum and the belt when they are rotating.

Frequently asked questions:

  • What are the different types of noises that the whirlpool duet dryer makes?

Whirlpool duet dryer makes a clicking noise, scraping noise, rattling noise or knocking noise, thumping and bumping noise, squealing noise, then finally pounding noise.  Squealing noise results from an ancient pulley, loose drive belt, and old drum glides that do not function well, making noise in the dryer.  Pounding noise results from old drum rollers that fail to tumble the dryer making noise. Thumping noise results from adding many clothes to the dryer for washing, putting shoes in the drier, and using a dryer that has been idle for long without use since they always have flat drum rollers.

Rattling and knocking noise results from buttons or zips that drop in the dryers drum that when the drum is rotating the rattle, rattling occurs when the objects lay on the dryer such that when the dryer is working, the vibrations cause the objects to rattle, the closeness of the dryer to the washing area causes noise in the dryer since they can get in contact when the machine is running and lastly, the dryer rattles when the dryer is in a position with the pedestal that the clothes in the pedestal rattles when the dryer is running.

The dryer making scraping noise results from metallic objects getting in contact with the drum. The metallic objects are from the pockets since they include coins, screws, or nails depending on the individual’s occupation with the clothes. Some screws dropping in the dryer are from the machine itself. When they get loose, they drop inside the washer, making noise when the drum is rotating. The only normal noise in a whirlpool dryer is the clicking noise from the machine’s movement during the washing cycle.


Whirlpool duet dryer making noise can be normal or because of the faults with the machine itself or the machine user that does not take care before starting the washing process. The article above shows the causes of the noises in the whirlpool duet dryer and the solutions to the causes to help reduce the noise in the dryer. The noises in the dryer affect the machine user as they are not comfortable and can also damage the rest of the parts with the machine.

Therefore, it is good to prevent the noises in the machine by regularly checking the old parts and replacing them as per their instructions. Furthermore, since some cases are due to faults with the machine user, it is good to check the clothes for any objects like coins and remove them before washing the clothes to avoid the noises in the dryer.

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