Why Does My AC Stop Blowing When I Accelerate[Steps to Fix]

Why Does My AC Stop Blowing When I Accelerate
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AC is very important during the whole summer season. Sometimes, it does not work properly or you can face some problems with it. Not blowing in the time of acceleration is one of the common problems. This problem may be caused in both continuous and non-continuous ways. It should be fixed before turning into a bigger issue. It is easy to fix if you follow this article. 

Stopping blowing for some time is a small issue if it is fixed at the initial stage. This problem can become bigger with time if it is not solved. That is why this is advisable to fix the problem as soon as possible to prevent any serious damage to your system. This article describes all the possible causes and how to fix all these problems. 

Causes of not blowing the AC in the time of acceleration

Causes of not blowing the AC in the time of acceleration

1. Low engine vacuum

A vacuum is used to remove the unwanted substances from the air conditioning system. If there is anything that is not supposed to be there or for some reason, the vacuum is not able to remove the air from the system, the AC can show this type of problem. If you do not evacuate the air and moisture from inside the system it prevents transfer capability through the refrigerant. For that reason, the AC cannot produce cold air and sometimes blow hot air. If your air conditioner stops blowing, first check your vacuum. 

2. Clogged filter

There is a function in some AC that the air conditioner stops when the filter gets clogged. When the filter is covered up by something or the filter cannot remove the hot air from inside then it gets hot and can cause big damage to the whole system. That is why to get rid of the heavy damage, the system turns off. If the system does not have the option to stop blowing air, then it blows hot air.

3. Plugged up cabin air filter

 Plugged up cabin air filter

The cabin air filter is found where the blower motor is located. The air filter helps to clean the air which is inside the car. However, the air sometimes cannot go outside of the car because of the air filter problem. If the air filter is blocked by any substances, then the air cannot be removed from the car or can be removed very slowly through the AC evaporator.

The system becomes very slow and after some time the evaporator will actually freeze. The system has a special key that turns the AC off automatically if anything unusual or unnecessary happens. As a result, when the evaporator is frozen then the switch turns off automatically and your AC stops working. 

4. Condensation of the drain tube

There is a tube from the evaporator which is known as a drain tube. The drain tube is very cold when the evaporator works. In the summer season, the weather outside is hot. In this hot weather, the cold tube temperature increases, and the vapor inside the tube turns into water and starts to accumulate in the tube.

When the AC blows for a long time, then the tube is totally blocked with water and the AC stops blowing. Besides, there is a common problem of leaking the tube. Through the leakage, waterfalls on the carpet of the car and sometimes does damage to the parts under the carpet. 

5. Damaged cooling fan

There are some cooling fans that push the cold air inside the air conditioner and the cold air comes into the cabin of the car through the vents. If the fans are broken or damaged for some reason, the fan will not work. This will also appear as a cause of the stop working of the AC. 

6. Electrical problem

A car has so many electrical connections. It is possible that some of the wire connections are disconnected from the right place. If the connection of the AC gets disconnected, the AC will stop working. Besides, there can be an electrical short in the system. That will show the same result as before.

7. Problem of AC refrigerant 

AC refrigerant is a machine that uses the natural air and makes it cool using the other objects of the conditioner system. Sometimes, that refrigerant does not work properly. At that time air cannot be cooled. For that reason, your AC will not work. 

Steps on how to fix the problem of stopping blowing AC at the time of acceleration

i. Cleaning the vacuum

If there is anything unnecessary in the vacuum that prevents the air from being removed from inside then clear that substance. That will be very good for the ventilation. To keep your product well, you can clean the vacuum once a month. That is the best way to get rid of this problem.

ii. Unblock the filter

If your air filter is clogged by something, that can be resistant to removing the air from inside. You should remove all the stuff away from the filter. If your AC was not working for ventilation problems, then it will help you to get your AC in the condition for reuse. 

iii. Unblocking the cabin air filter 

Sometimes, the way gets blocked through which the air goes outside of the car. If the AC does not work after some time, check the blockage. If there is any blockage, remove the blockage. That will help you to get your AC repaired. It is advisable to check the blockage often because it is far better to let that not happen than the repair. 

iv. Change the cooling fan

It is very common that AC does not blow because of a problem with the cooling fan. If you have followed the upper steps and are still facing the problem, check the fan if it is alright or not. If the fan is not okay or not spinning then you can replace the fan. That is how you can get rid of the problem. Here is a sample cooling fan that you can replace with your old one. Click here to check the product.

v. Checking electrical connections

There are so many wire connections in a car. It is possible that the AC is not working due to the disconnection of the electrical wires. If the upper steps are fulfilled and you still have the issue then check the connections. If any wire is disconnected then fix this and you will be able to solve the problem. It is advisable to check the connections often. Besides, you can use good electrical wires to prevent electrical short.

vi. Replace the AC refrigerant

The AC refrigerant cannot cool the normal air often. It is a problem with the AC refrigerant. You can change the refrigerant and you can get cold air again. Here is one suggestion that you can use in the place of your old product. To check the product, Click here.  


Several reasons actually result in stopping blowing the AC. Fortunately, this article shows all the possible reasons for this problem and the best ways to fix the issue. 

If you find an AC problem, it is necessary to troubleshoot the problem. Hopefully, you can solve the problem if you follow the steps given above. You can try it on your own before you contact any mechanics. That will save both time and money.

Besides, you can gather knowledge about the problem and whenever you face the problem, you will be able to fix that very quickly. Finally, it is advisable not to avoid problems and take initial steps to save your system from severe damage and keep it good for a long time. 

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