Xbox 360 Power Supply Making Noise [Easy Guide to Fix]

Xbox 360 Power Supply Making Noise
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Sometimes, the Xbox 360 produces a loud noise after giving a power supply. The sound is also known as the “whirring sound”. Noise levels vary depending on the speed of the fan. However, this sound problem can be fixed if you follow the right steps.

The sound of the PSU fan does not interrupt your system to work normally but if it is not eliminated at the proper time, it can create some severe problems later. Therefore, it is advisable to resolve the sound problem beforehand to avoid any big problems later. This article shows the reasons for the noise problem and the best ways to fix the problem.

Causes of the whirring Noise From Xbox 360

Causes of the whirring Noise From Xbox 360

1. Insufficient ventilation through the power supply

Airflow is very important for the power supply because when the system works temperature increases. It can be a reason for the sound problem if the PSU fan is covered up with something or can not remove the hot air from the power supply.

2. Overload on the power supply

Sometimes, multitasking can cause an overload of the power supply. Besides, using many devices through one power strip can be a reason for overloading. At that time, the speed of the internal fan increases and that makes the whirring sound. 

3. Dust

Dust is another material that can cause sound problems. Electronic devices attract dust. The dust prevents the fan from spinning and that makes a sound. 

4. Other elements in the route of the PSU fan

Sometimes, some other substances can be found on the fan or in the route of the fan. That interrupts the fan from spinning spontaneously and produces noise. 

5. Absorbing heat from other devices

The power supply produces heat and is removed through the internal fan. When the power supply is kept beside any other electronic device which also produces heat, then the power supply absorbs heat from the device, and the temperature increases. For increasing the heat, the efficiency of the power supply decreases and that is another source of the noise.

How to fix the Xbox 360 power supply Noise problem

How to fix the Xbox 360 power supply Noise problem

Troubleshooting steps basically depend on the causes of the noise.  The information given below is some of the best ways to stop the PSU sound issue.

i. Unblock the ventilation system

The most common reason for the problem is insufficient airflow. Somehow the ventilation path gets blocked and the hot air cannot get out from the power supply. For this reason, the power supply gets hot and starts making sounds.

That is why at first check the ventilation space and unblock it if needed. It is also advisable that you do not keep the power supply in a soft place because that can cover up the ventilation area. Besides, you should keep the power supply on the four rubber bases because that will make sure that the ventilation system is unblocked. If the problem is not solved yet then proceed to the next step. 

ii. Clean the dust from the power supply

Since dust is one of the common reasons for whirring sound, the power supply should be checked if there is any dust or not. If there is any dust, clean it up. Sometimes, there can be some other substances on the fan. Check them also and clean them all. Then check the sound again. If the sound persists, follow the next step. 

iii. Keep the power supply far from any other heating device

When the power supply gets hot, the efficiency decreases, and noise increases. That is why try to keep the power supply cool. If it is kept beside any device that produces heat, move the power supply from there to a cool and well-ventilated place.    

iv.  Avoid multitasking

If the Xbox 360 works at many functions at a time, it can pressurize the power supply for overloading. That increases the speed of the fan and that causes sound. Try to avoid multitasking. That can help you release from the power supply sound problem. 

v. Avoid power strip

Sometimes, we use power strips to use many electronic devices at a time. However, that divides the power among all the devices. That is why it can be overloaded. That is why try to use wall outlets directly. That will help increase the power and stop the loud sound.


Many reasons can start making the whirring sound. Fortunately, this article shows us the causes and the best ways to troubleshoot the sound problem. If you face this sound problem, it is very necessary to fix the problem as soon as possible on your own before going to any service center or replacing the PSU fan. If you follow the upper steps it is possible to fix your Xbox 360 power supply problem on your own.  

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