Why My Xbox One Power Supply Keeps Making Noise

Xbox one power supply keeps making noise
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Xbox is an application that mainly works to promote the gaming process in children and young adults that may lack work to do and decide to play games to make them busy. The application works with Microsoft to enhance the gaming process to be effective. The application contains drawings that easily identify the things to do with the game not to confuse you in the process. However, the Xbox produces some noise when running on the television, which shows something with the Xbox power supply.

Therefore, the Xbox noises result from some issues with the power supply, which can be the contraction and expansion of the power cables in the Xbox that cause the noises. Therefore, to reduce the noises, it is good to identify the causes of the noises and check the Xbox for any faults, then change the issues with it immediately.

The article below shows the different types of noises the Xbox one power supply makes and their causes. After identifying the type of noises, it is easy then to solve the noises to reduce them since they cause interference with the user when playing the games so that you can have peace when working with your game.

Types of noises in the Xbox power supply

noises in the Xbox power supply

Sizzling noise

Sizzling noise is a common type of noise in the Xbox one power supply that mainly occurs when the machine is switching off due to the contraction of the power cables. Since they lose power they start contracting with time until they become cold, the sizzling noise is common, and you should be worried about it since it shows the machine is working and can switch off. To put off the noise, it is good to use different cables when using the Xbox so that when switching off, you cannot hear the noises in your system.

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Grinding noise

Grinding noise occurs when the Xbox one power supply has some issues with its parts, such that there are some faults with the parts. Fault parts in an Xbox cause much greater noise that can cause damage to the rest of the Xbox system, where you can require changing the whole system. To reduce the grinding noise, consider checking the faulty parts and repairing them immediately.

Buzzing noise

Buzzing noise in an Xbox occurs when the machine’s HDMI port fails to work properly such that when using the machine, you hear some noises due to failures with the port. To solve the grinding noise, consider changing the port and fixing a new port in the Xbox one power supply.

Humming noise

Humming noise is a normal noise that occurs with every device that gets power or loses power when in use. For example, humming noise is a common type of noise that occurs with the Xbox to indicate it is working properly to play the games.

Causes of the noises in an Xbox one power supply

Causes of the noises in an Xbox one power supply

Expansion of the power cables

When the Xbox receives power to start playing the games, the power cables receive the power that expands. Unfortunately, the expansion of the power cables makes certain types of noises that, when they turn loud, indicate the power cables are receiving excess power that can damage the Xbox system.

Contraction of the power cables

After using the Xbox, you have to switch it off to let it rest for some use. In switching off the Xbox, you remove access to power from the Xbox, making the power cables contract. The noises come where the power cables lack access to power, and they had big power causing some weird noises.

Changes in temperatures

Change in the temperatures of a room causes the power cables to make noises without plugging into power or unplugging it. When the temperatures are high, it means the power cables will expand and they will make noise and when the temperatures are low, the power cables will contract and hence make noise.

Faulty parts with the Xbox

Faults with some parts of the Xbox power supply cause many different faults with the machine when running. In most cases, the noises result in faults from the fan, which always has issues with its motor, fan blades, and condenser coils or air filters.

How to fix a noise Xbox one power supply

xbox one power supply making noise

i. Switch off the whole Xbox machine by unplugging the power supply from the main source and disconnecting the cables from the device.

ii. Open the Xbox system to identify the issues with some of its parts by gently unscrewing all the screws and keeping them safe.

iii. Open the fan and check the faults with some of its parts.

iv. Check the air filters and clean them by removing debris from some of their parts and wiping away dust with a piece of cloth after dipping in water.

v. Check the blades if it has any faults with them. If the faults have been damaged, consider removing the old pieces and replacing them with new blades that will reduce the noises in the Xbox one power supply.

vi. Ensure the whole system is cool before returning all the parts.

vii. Fix back the parts carefully, then switch on the Xbox to confirm if the noises are still there or not. If the noises still exist, consider calling a technician to help fix the problem immediately to avoid further damage. A technician can identify the few areas you are missing in the troubleshooting process. Do not try other ways to fix the Xbox since you can damage the whole system, which will be a loss to you.

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Xbox one power supply is a power supply that mainly connects the Xbox device to a power connection to run when playing games. However, the Xbox One power supply tends to make some noises when running, which causes worries to the user since they think they are because of issues with their machine. The article above shows the different types of noises with their causes and how to solve them.

Finally, before starting any process with the fixing process, remember to read the manufacturer’s manual on the Xbox device to identify the process of handling it and using it to avoid causing errors when fixing it since they can cause greater damage to the whole system. Lastly, follow the guide carefully to identify the type of noise and the fixing process. It is good to consult a technician if you are having any difficulties with the fixing process.

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