How to Deal With Xbox Series ‘S’ Loud Fan Noise

xbox series s fan noise
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A loud whistling noise from your Xbox Series ‘S’ fan can be very distracting and irritating, preventing you from fully sinking yourself inside the game. You might also be concerned about fan noise: that can’t be good, right?

A loud Xbox fan noise could be the result of the console overheating as a result of a broken fan, blockage of fan ventilation systems, or the Xbox struggling to support demanding software. This problem can be resolved by cleaning your console, replacing the fan (if it is broken), or installing an aftermarket cooler.

Now that we’ve found this issue common and there are countless solutions, let’s go over why it causes and how to fix the loud Xbox S-Series fan to run it quietly. Finally, you’ll want to understand how to do this, especially on an older console, to keep it running for as long as possible!

What Are the Main Causes of Xbox ‘S’ Fan Loudness?

xbox series s fan noise

Overheating is the most likely cause of your Xbox series ‘S’ (on Amazon) excessive noise.

The console is designed to monitor and regulate its temperature levels to prevent them from becoming too high and damaging its sensitive interior parts.

When the Xbox S’ becomes too hot, the fan speeds up to cool it down, making a loud noise in the process. Here’s what’s affecting your console to overheat and make a loud fan noise:

1. Improper ventilation

Placing your Xbox ‘S’ on a poorly ventilated shelf or cabinet may cause it to overheat. The cabinet captures the hot air transmitted by your console while also preventing cool air from entering to refresh the Xbox.

As a result, the temperature of your console will rise, and the fan will have to accommodate by spinning faster and louder.

2. Software Issues

When playing a demanding game, the Xbox fan can become quite loud. Some newer games require powerful processors and graphics cards to function properly, and they may cause your console to overheat while attempting to meet those requirements.

This causes the fan to work harder and become louder.

3. Hardware Problems

Due to hardware issues, the Xbox can also make a loud fan noise. If there was this problem right out of the box, it might be a manufacturer’s error, or it might have dropped by the courier during shipping, damaging some internal parts.

4. Insufficient Maintenance

Another cause of the loud Xbox fan noise is poor maintenance. Dust and dirt buildup blocks the fan vent after a long period of not cleaning your controller. To get cool air through the block gap, the fan will have to work even more challenging.

How Can You Make Your Xbox Series ‘S’ FAN Quieter?

How to fix xbox series s fan noise

If your Xbox is making loud fan noises, try the following solutions to make it quieter:

Step-1| Check that the noise comes from the fan

Before you tamper with the Xbox’s interior components, you must first confirm that the fan is the noise source tampering with the Xbox’s internal components. A noisy console can also be caused by a defective power supply unit.

Lean slightly closer to your Xbox and listening carefully is the simplest way to determine where the loud sound is coming from. If you hear a whirring or whooshing noise, it could be the fan. A  zizz noise, on the other hand, could be caused by a defective power supply unit.

Once you’ve determined that the fan is the source of the noise, you can try the quick fixes listed below to remove it.

Step-2| Place Your Xbox ‘S’ in a Cooler Location

If your Xbox overheats frequently, moving it to a cooler location can help prevent overheating. Bring it to an open room with plenty of air circulation. To avoid heat buildup and overworking the fans, place it on a table, stand, or a suitable shelf designed specifically for the Xbox console.

If you’re having trouble finding the right spot for your console, consider a wall mount like this one (on Amazon), which can get your console off the floor or out of the cabinet without taking up any additional valuable shelf space!

Step-3| You Should Clean Your Xbox

Keep the following tips in mind as you prepare to thoroughly clean your console:

  • Do not clean your Xbox while it is plugged in.
  • Don’t open the console while cleaning it.
  • It should not be cleaned with water.

Before you begin cleaning, gather the following supplies to make the job easier:

Now that you have all of the necessary supplies, let’s go over the steps for cleaning the Xbox :

  • To avoid messing up while cleaning your console, unplug it from the power source.
  • Wipe off dust, sticky mark, and dirt from the surface of your console with the microfiber cloth.
  • To easily remove dust and dirt from the console’s internal parts, use a can of compressed air (available on Amazon) to blow short bursts into the fan vent and HDMI ports.
  • Use the long pin to keep the fan in place while blowing into the fan vent. The fan will not spin, and you will be able to clean it easily.
  • Compressed air can also be used to clear dust from the USB ports and disc tray.
  • Clean any dust that has gathered on the surface with the microfiber cloth once more.

After cleaning your Xbox, connect it to a power source and check if the fan is still loud.

Step-4| Change the Noisy Fan

If the fan is still loud after trying all these solutions, replacing it may be the solution. You can replace your Xbox S fan manually by following these steps:

  • Remove the plastic vent with a plastic tool, then slide back and separate the small plastic tab stabilizing the Xbox’s front corner.
  • A hard plastic connects the two sections of the casing. Insert the flat end of a spudger between them with some force and hold it there until the case is completely open.
  • Insert a plastic opening tool between the cases like a pry to release the clasp over the back vent.
  • To detach the clips, keep dragging the plastic opening tool around the back of the Xbox S’. Check that the spudger is still in position and won’t slip off because the remaining clips can close the case.
  • Raise the upper case slightly to access the front panel board, where you’ll find a circuit over the connector that’s holding the plastic in place. Pull the cable out of the connector with tweezers.
  • Pull the speaker cable connector gently away from the panel board, then separate the antenna cable.
  • Remove the two screws holding the Wi-Fi board to the upper metal case.
  • Remove the eight screws from the upper metal case and lift but do not remove the case.
  • Remove the case by disconnecting the Wi-Fi connection that connects the upper metal case to the motherboard. Remove the hard drive as well as the data connections from the motherboard.
  • Unplug the optical drive power and data connections from the motherboard after removing the hard disk tray.
  • Pull the fan cable from the motherboard, then carefully pry up the clip on the right with a plastic opening instrument, then repeat for the left clip.
  • Insert the spudger into the gap between the sink and the fan and remove the fan.

Step-5| Make use of the Xbox Thermal Paste (Advanced)

Thermal paste (available on Amazon) are thick materials that help in the cooling of computers. They perform this by removing heat and making it easier for a computer’s main cooling systems to work smoothly. They are mainly only used by computer specialists and hobbyists. However, not all thermal pastes are created equal.

Step-6| Keep it in a large, well-ventilated area

If you wish to set your console on a shelf or cabinet, make sure it is big and open to allow proper circulation of cool air to refresh the console’s inside parts.

Step-7| Make use of a Dustproof Cover

You can buy a dustproof cover for your Xbox (on Amazon) to protect it from dust and filth that could clog the fan vent and HDMI ports. Remove the cover when gaming to keep your system from overheating.

Step-8| Do Not Purchase an External Cooling Device

Most people believe that adding an external cooling device will assist cool the overheating Xbox, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Let’s speak the truth, the majority of these cooling systems are useless. Also, the exterior fans contribute to the total noise in the room, which you were attempting to avoid in the first place.

Step-9| Do Not Put Your Xbox in a Soundproof Box

The strong fan noise can be annoying, and you may be tempted to put the console in a soundproof box to shut it out.

The noise will be removed by putting it in a soundproof box. The Xbox, on the other hand, will overheat and go into overload because the fan will only be redirecting hot air back to the console.

Final words

Xbox systems are known to create a lot of noise. Xbox fan noise could be caused by a manufacturing defect, dust gathering, or damage. In either case, you’ll be able to solve the problem and enjoy a silent gaming console. We hope you found this guide useful, and good gaming!

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